Dry eyes and its home remedies

A dry eye is one of the most common diseases that lots of physician and eye expert have to face. Eyes are the most delicate part of the human body and require a lot of tender and care. It is extremely important that the layer of the eyes should always be covered with a fluid layer. The lesser the amount of fluid in the eye the greater is the chance of the occurrence of dry eye. This condition is said to occur when the tear gland is not working properly and does not excrete the required amount of tears to keep the eye surface moist.

Dry eyes and its causes

Dry eyes are caused by all such conditions that tend to affect the tear gland. Tear glands get affected by conditions such as hot winds, humidity and extremely hot climatic condition. Too much of smoke and pollution could also result in the condition of dry eyes. If there is a great amount of dirt particles in the air then there is a greater requirement of tears to wash away the dirt particles. In this condition the tear gland needs to excrete even more tears so as to prevent any harm to eye and if it does, then the condition of dry eye could come up.

Dry eyes and its prevention

There are few ways by which you can avoid dry eye condition to occur.
Avoid washing your eyes too much as this would not lubricate your eye but instead it will wash away your tears in eye, hence could cause dry eye problem.
Air conditioner, hair dryer and also smoke is the major reasons for causing dry eye hence one should avoid them as much as possible.

Dry eyes and its home remedies

Dry eyes could be reduced if proper care is taken to lubricate the eye surface.
This could be done by applying a suitable eye drops that will keep the surface of the eye moist for a longer period of time.

Eat almonds, grapes and walnuts as they contain a high quantity of omega 3 and omega 6 type of fatty acids, these fatty acids increase the amount of moisture on the surface of the eye and hence decrease the chance of dry eye.
Food items containing vitamin A are very much suitable for the purpose of avoiding dry eye, as they contain fatty acids.

Sweet potatoes, carrots and yams are some of the vegetables rich in omega 3 acids and hence are suitable for those suffering from dry eye problem.

Apart from this there are lots of other methods that you can apply to prevent and cure the dry eye problem.

You can place a wet and moist cloth on top of the eye in night as it is one of the easiest ways to make your eyes lubricated.

You can also use cucumber slices that can be put on the eye to make them lubricated.


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