Home Remedies for Ankle Swelling

Swelling of the lower leg and ankle is a common problem. Determining the cause of ankle swelling is the first step to finding effective treatment. Once the cause of the ankle swelling is determined, effective treatment can be initiated. Painless swelling of the feet and ankles is a common problem, particularly in older people. It may affect both legs and may include the calves or even the thighs.

Swollen ankles, feet and legs often referred to medically as edema usually occurs when fluid is retained in the spaces between body cells. Some home remedy for ankle swelling may take the following processes. First of all the ankle should be lifted so that the leg is straight in front as this is very necessary and as such should be done.

Home remedies such as coconut and garlic oil help reduce pain and swelling when they soak directly into the skin. Mix 3 table spoon of coconut and garlic oil into a container and heat in the microwave for ten seconds, slightly warming the mixture. Generously massage the oil directly onto your ankle for ten minutes, allowing the oils to soak into your skin.

Lecithin seeds are yet another effective home remedy for the treatment of swelling of feet during pregnancy. Usually a tablespoon of about 3-4 is taken every day for about2-3 month. This is noted to have a magical effect and also manifests good results within 2-3 months.

Ice is another very important and effective treatment material for sprained ankles. If you get a sprained ankle and use ice in the injured area within the first hour of your injury, you levels of pain and swelling ids supposed to be very low. It helps your injury to recover soon too. Medical studies have found that if ice can be used properly in time, the possibility of your recovery increased by 50%.

If the affected area is read and swollen, you may apply a mild steroid cream like 1% hydrocortisone cream. This should be easily available from any pharmacy without the need of a prescription. Hydrocortisone helps in reducing inflammation rapidly. Alternatively, if you have a bottle of calamine lotion at home, this may help too.

Never just assume that any pain you have in your ankles and feet is being caused by arthritis. These pains can be caused by many different things, including lower back and hip problems. Before just shrugging your shoulders and thinking, "Its only arthritis", make an appointment with your doctor for an exam. Only then will he be able to tell what's causing your infirmity.

Nervous pain near the ankles often cause ankle sprains. It is called as referred pain. When the nerves that connect the leg to the brain stop sending signals due to blockage or nervous injury, the ankle ligaments then can cause pain. But, it happens very rarely.

Rest is very important especially in the first 24-48 hours after the injury in order to avoid stress on already inflamed tissue and to prevent more damage. On the other hand, prolonged immobilization of ankle sprains is a common treatment error, so it is also important to start a proper rehabilitation program and gradually put weight back on the ankles.


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