Home Remedies for Body Rash

An inflammation affected area, an altered texture or some special spots all can be termed as skin rash. These are associated with various symptoms like tingling, itching, inflammation, pain, discomforts etc. These might or might not be contagious. These can affect the complete body of a person or just some specific areas. These often require some medications that can be easily availed at home itself.

Causes of Body Rash

Fabric or cloth allergies is one of the major reasons behind body rash

Hives as well as Eczema and Contact dermatitis are one of the prime causes.
Food allergies, Impetigo, Cosmetic allergies, etc are sometimes the major causes behind its occurrence.

Home Remedies for Body Rash

You may wash the affected area using the chamomile tea as it is considered as an extremely healing material in this context.

Application of olive oil over a regular period of time is also considered as one of the leading methods to avoid as well as cure the problem of body rash

Aloe Vera pulp has some vital properties of fighting against the issue of rashes. It has been experimentally proven by many dermatologists that a blend of Vitamin E and Cod-Liver Oil is highly natural and can be used to treat a wide array of such problems. If you have some baking powder then you can take some of it and thereby gently rub on the affected area. This would certainly bring in the desired changes.

Oatmeal bath is perhaps one of the most effective measures that can be undertaken in order to deal with this problem. You should use it during your bath and put some quantity of it in your bathtub or bathwater. A bath from such content would considerably lessen the impact of body rash.

Calcium water and its application is certainly one of the best in the business. You can take a cotton ball and then dip it in a considerable volume of calcium water. Once it is done you may apply with ease on the affected region.

You can also make considerable changes in your diet and for this purpose you can have some quantities of Vitamin C rich food as this vitamin has some antioxidant properties.

You can take some leaves of Holy Basil and thereafter add to it some tablespoon of an essential oil like olive oil. You can thereafter add some garlic as well as salt and pepper to the mixture. Gently smear them of the affected region in order to see quick results.

Make sure that during your bath you only make use of herbal products and during your bath you do not rub the area of rash consistently as this would intensify the problem.

You should keep away from fermented foods such as pickles, yogurt or pizzas as they can cause certain allergic reactions.


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