Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Athlete's foot can cause itchy, painful cracking in the feet. Avoiding moist environments and keeping your feet clean and dry is one way to avoid getting this infection. Even if you don't have an infection there are many other causes for dry, cracked feet.Apply a generous amount of vegetable shortening to your feet.

Always make sure your feet are clean and dry before applying any product. You probably didn't know it, but vegetable shortening contains essential oils that your extra skin is lacking. Put on a pair of socks immediately after applying the shortening to keep mess to a minimum. Wear this application overnight for best results

Causes of cracked heels-Cracked heels are a common occurrence for senior citizens or people who are constantly on their feet thus exerting pressure on the feet pad. It can affect either either the heels or one of the heels. But most commonly, cracked heels affect both the feet.

Olive oil can treat cracked heels effectively. Apply the oil to your feet regularly, before you go to bed and do not rinse the oil off. Wear socks and leave it overnight. The socks will help in the absorption of the oil and your heels will be supple and soft when you wake up.

If you're looking to heal your heels, you've probably noticed that some products sell for as much as $20.00. With this home remedy, you're looking at paying under $10.00. To top things off, if you already have saran wrap, lotion, and socks, you're really looking at a free home treatment. I've been staying with my girlfriend and her mom, so I just use their materials.

Cracks are possible in other parts of the skin but they usually occur along the heel's border. The skin in this area is generally dry and it can contain a layer of hardened skin called a callus. If the cracks in this region are deep, an individual can feel discomfort when pressure is applied to the feet.

The cracks can occur in other parts of the body but they generally occur along the border of the heel. This region is characterized by dry skin with the presences of a thicker area of skin referred to as a callus. If the cracks are deep, then pain arises when weight is placed on the heel that may vanish when this pressure is removed.

Cracks may arise anywhere in the body but the most common area is the rim of the heel and web of toes, which happen to be the most frequently or constantly used parts of our body. Most of the foot problems arise due to neglect and oversight with regard to feet care. Cracked feet, corns and other common feet ailments can be attended to and are easily avoidable.

Itchy skin - generally due to the drying out of the skin, which then shrinks causing a 'stretching' around the area when pressure is applied [standing, walking etc when the heels involved], this could cause the heel to crack. To treat this condition one must first get rid of the dry skin before attempting to treat the dryness with a foot cream.


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