Home Remedies For Defective vision

When the normally clear lens of the eye have a painless clouding, it is called the cataract. If you do not treat it in time, it causes blindness. Surgical treatment can however cure it in time. Most of the people over 60 do suffer from some clouding of the lens. But you can prevent them or treat them by following the simple home remedies.

Diabetes mellitus, simply diabetes, is a very old disease and millions all over the world suffer from it. Though there are variations in the symptoms and nature of this disease, its common features is the excessive sugar in the blood and its passing out with the urine of the patients.

The main cause of the glaucoma is the increased pressure in the eye due to which damage is caused to the optic nerve. Prolonged hours of working under insufficient light condition are also one of its major causes. But ultimately the real cause of the glaucoma is also the toxic condition due to wrong food habits, for the treatment of some disease continuous use of suppressive medicines, a defective style of living. One of the secondary contributory factor is also eye strain.

Simple exercises are known to be good for improving eyesight. Face the sun with closed eyes in the mornings and evenings for a few minutes. Focusing on a close object and then a distant object alternatively is another exercise you can do many times a day. Palming is an exercise to rest the eyes. Just close your eyes and keep your palms gently on the eyelids for about 5 minutes.

Cabbage: In ancient times, cabbage juice was used as a cure in gastric or peptic ulcers. Its juice was found to be very useful in all sorts of stomach or liver troubles. For this reason, ancient people ate only boiled cabbage with salt.

Many people complain of the ill effects they experience after looking at motion pictures. This is a result of our old enemy, staring. If you fix your gaze on one point of the screen and try to see the entire screen, you will always feel a strain.

Poor posture results in malfunctioning of many parts of the body, in nerve strain, and frequently it is an indication that the general health is below par and energy at a low ebb. If the child slumps, if his spine is out of line and his head down and his chest caved in, he needs a check-up to discover the cause of this lack of vitality.

Iron is concentrated in the hemoglobin of the blood. Deficiency of iron causes anemia, fatigue, low vitality and weakness. It also causes deafness, asthma, neuralgia, swollen ankles, bed wetting, defective vision, menstrual pains, insomnia, uterine tumors etc.


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