Home Remedies For Genital Warts treatment

Having to deal with warts, especially genital warts is sure to be a very embarrassing thing for a person to deal with. Not only is it upsetting because you have those nasty warts on the most private parts of your body, but then having to discuss it with a sexual partner.Warts may occur singly or in clusters.

They often contain one or more tiny black dots, which are sometimes called wart seeds, which are actually small, clotted blood vessels. Young adults and children appear to be affected most often.

Another popular remedy for genital warts is to make juice from onion slices that have been covered overnight with salt and apply three times a day until the warts disappear. You could also try applying the milky juice of fig stems two to three times per day or use apple cider vinegar to the area using a cotton ball to treat genital warts.

Warts are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). There are numerous kinds of warts this virus causes, ranging from vaginal warts, plantar (foot wart), hand warts to face warts... This viral infection can spread from one part of the body to other, but usually not by contact with other people. Human Papilloma Virus easily penetrates the skin through cuts.

The prepared solution is applied directly to the affected area. In order to completely get rid of the warts, multiple applications are needed. Use castor oil should there be any skin irritation that may result from using baking soda.

Garlic - because of its antiviral properties it became a staple home remedy for various conditions. Just like the vinegar you will need to tape this on your skin with the use of a bandage. You can apply this on your skin whichever way you prefer, either you slice it, crush it or make it into a paste.

Common warts can be found anywhere on the body, but are most common on the hands, fingers elbows, forearms, knees, face, and the skin around the nails. Most often, they occur on skin that is expose to constant friction, trauma, or abrasion. They can also occur on the larynx (the voice box) and cause hoarseness.

Remedies that tell you that they activate your bodies immune response to the virus, HPV, that causes the growth of genital warts. Your body naturally fights HPV when it infects your body. Genital warts develop when the virus overcomes your immune response.

Warts treatment using castor oil is one of the most important home remedies. The oil should be applied all over that body that is affected by warts. It should be done every night and must be continued for several months.


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