Home Remedies for Low Immunity

Natural remedies for low immunity are available to prevent diseases and to remain fit and healthy. Many herbal remedies are also known to improve the immune system so as to function at its optimum level. Low immunity can be caused by stress, poor nutrition, chemicals, food additives and lifestyle habits.

Immunity can be classified in to two broad types: innate and acquired. Innate immunity is the body's very own inborn or natural resistance power against a wide range of germs. Examples of innate immunity are as follows: cough reflex, mucous, skin, stomach acid and enzymes in tears and skin oil. Innate immunity may be in the form of protein chemical, and is known as innate humeral immunity.

In addition, elderly or youngsters with low immunity are also prone to this infection. Also, people suffering from poor health may get infected. The effective and reliable home remedies for oral thrush can eliminate the infection quickly. There are some simple home remedies for oral thrush that are mentioned ahead.

You can relieve the symptoms of bronchitis particularly coughing by slicing onions and adding a generous amount of honey to it. Let it stand overnight, remove the onion, and then take a teaspoon of the honey four to five times daily. Onions help the flow of mucus and are known to be expectorants.

Boils can start off as a single boil and then spread in clusters. Such boils are called carbuncle. Carbuncle is a more serious condition. People with low immunity or low resistance are more prone to having boils. Boils can be frequent and of a concern in people suffering from diabetes, people with low immunity, people not keep proper hygiene or in people not getting sufficient nutrients from food.

Home treatment for vaginal yeast infection starts with proper hygiene and wearing proper clothing. Wear cotton underwear and avoid tight fitting pants to avoid irritation. Tight fitting clothes and clothing material made of nylon promotes build up of heat and moisture, an environment that increase the possibility of yeast infection.

Hypothyroidism is the condition that results from malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland produces insufficient quantity of the thyroid hormone called as thyroxin. This situation is also developed from the pituitary deficiency, but it is generally due to some abnormality in thyroid gland by birth (called as congenital/deformity) anomaly.

Cold is also an infection of the upper respiratory tract. It is the presence of infection which causes nasal congestion and sneezing. Many kinds of viruses may be responsible for it. The body is not able up build up enough resistance to all, therefore cold and cough is a very common occurrence.


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