Home Remedies for Stomach Upset

Vomiting is a commonly experienced and naturally occurring reflex. It is most of the times a symptom of a disorder or disease. It signifies certain kind of malfunctioning inside the body. It is a powerful expulsion of incorporated contents inside the stomach and the contracted muscles lead to this emesis. When you try to vomit but nothing comes out then this condition is known as retching and you should try not to suppress this feeling as else it can be hazardous for you.

Some beneficial home remedies:

You can consume some volume of non-carbonated syrup. This would certainly bring some respite to your digestive system and at the same time would definitely help you get some resistance from the feeling of retching too. These syrups have the needed carbohydrates that can cause the stomach to cool down.

You can also use ginger or its root in order to abstain from retching and to put a halt to vomiting. You can have some tea that contains some ginger. This is perhaps one of the best therapies as in this case you can get the complete essence of ginger after it gets boiled. It also stops the secretion of any unwanted fluids that can damage the walls of the stomach.

In  case the feeling of retching increases drastically the best option that you have is to insert the finger deep into your mouth after washing it properly and thereafter vomiting out forcefully. This way you would release all unwanted contents out of the stomach.

You can take some cloves and then put them inside of your mouth. Cardamom or cinnamon is also some fine alternatives. In order to use them properly you may boil them and then drink in the water content. These are some fine ant-vomiting drugs that have been used since lots of years.

You may use some amount of rock salt along with lemon. Mix this mixture and thereafter take one or two table spoons of this mixture. This would certainly give you a sign of relief.Slippery elm as well as red raspberry is certainly some of the finest drugs that have the proficiency in bringing a halt to vomiting tendency.Apple cider is indeed one of the most easily available as well as highly effective constituent of anti-vomiting remedies.

You can mix the vinegar with some honey and thereby consume it. You will get the needed relief at the blink of an eye.Wheat-germ is also preferred as one of the most favorable means to prohibit the tendency of vomiting. 

You can consume it after making a solution with milk.Rice water has been used since decades and is one of the best existing remedies for vomiting. This has been tested since ages and has always produced bright results.

You should also try to avoid overeating and at this time you should only go for lighter foods like pulses etc.

You should also inhibit from sleeping right after you have your meals as that would result in an improper digestion.


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