Home Remedies for Warts

Warts are generally harmless on their own, but do affect a large part of the population. It is estimated that up to 80% of the worlds population will develop warts at some point in their life. Warts are caused by Human Papilloma viruses(HPV), it affects usually of the skin or genitals.

There are many effective remedies for warts available from a pharmacy as well as various medical procedures that involve burning, freezing or cutting the wart out.  

Tea tree oil has a multitude of good uses, one of them certainly is in treating warts. It is an antiseptic that prevents any possible infections that might arise, and almost immediately soothes the skin and clears out the ongoing infection.

Rub a potato slice on the wart daily and cover with a bandage until it disappears.

Another popular remedy for genital warts is to make juice from onion slices that have been covered overnight with salt and apply three times a day until the warts disappear. You could also try applying the milky juice of fig stems two to three times per day or use apple cider vinegar to the area using a cotton ball to treat genital warts.

Garlic is used in many home remedies for wart removal. One of the methods implies covering the wart with garlic and bandaging the area during the night. People need to bathe before removing the bandage. The small eruption that is observed afterwards will get assimilated by the body. This process helps people to get rid of warts if it is performed for a fortnight.

Take a cotton ball, moisten it with apple cider vinegar, place the cotton on the wart, and then wrap the area in medical tape. This can be done each night before bed, and after about a month, the wart should be gone.

Pick a bunch of dandelions and apply the milk inside the stems to the plantar warts. Cover with a band-aid. Repeat this every day for ten to fourteen days. This is said to be helpful as well for flat warts and cluster warts. Daily you will see a progression of the skin peeling and healing.


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