Home Remedies to cure Dry Skin

Dry skin as the name suggests is related to the dryness of the skin. Skin becomes  rough. Majority of people face this problem during winters as humidity is less. Few people have a persistent problem of dry skin as their oil glands secrete inadequate oil. Common areas of dryness are chest, cheeks, under the eye, thighs and sides of abdomen. If you don’t take care of dry skin it may look pale. Various products are available in the market for dry skin, but it is always advised to go in for a natural therapy. Products available are costly as well; home remedies to cure this problem will be relatively cheap and more effective.

Why does it happen?
  • Inadequate secretion of oil from oil glands
  • Use of harsh chemicals in form of soaps
  • Environmental factors such as excessive exposure to sun, dry wind, less humidity and pollution.
  • Excessive use of make up or cosmetics
  • Any allergy related to the skin
  • Deficiency of Vitamin A, B or E
Home remedies to cure dry skin

The most important way to get rid of dry skin is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Water is the best remedy to give moisture to your skin. Drink about 8-10 glasses of water. Water will leave a glowing effect on your face.

Exercise regularly. Exercise will not only keep you fit but will also look after your skin. Yoga and aerobics will retain the softness of the skin.

Decrease your alcohol intake and avoid smoking as well to get that glowing skin.

Using avocado oil and castor oil will be very helpful for dry skin.

Easy and effective tip for dry skin is to mash a ripe banana and apply it on your face and around the neck, leave it for about 15 mins and then wash your face.

A good home remedy is to apply olive oil or almond oil on the face or any other dry affected area. Follow this routine every night before retiring to bed.

Using Aloe Vera gel will also help. Use this gel every day after bathing on your dry skin.

Take avocado and lemon juice in equal amounts and make a fine paste. Apply this paste on your dry skin. Let it dry for about 15 mins and then wash it off.

Mix avocado, ½ banana and ½ papaya and make a paste to form a face pack. Apply this pack around your neck and face, leave it for about 15 mins and wash it off. This is an effective home remedy and it will give a natural glow.

Using rose water to wash your face will be very good. It’s an easy and instant remedy. You can also mix rose water with any home made pack to get that glowing skin.

A quick cure to dry skin is to add baking soda in warm water. Take bath with this water. Baking soda will help to retain the oils in your body.

To get better, healthy and shining skin use rose water mixed with glycerin. Apply this on your face and after few mins wash your face. This is a good home remedy.

If your skin is extremely dry and you feel like itching all the time, then use corn starch will bathing. In warm water add about a hand full of corn starch in it. This will soothe the skin and will relieve you from itching.
Using milk while bathing will also help. This will make your skin soft.

To moisturize your skin, make a paste of honey and oatmeal (cooked) and apply to the affected dry area. This is good natural remedy.

Take milk and 3-6 peanuts and make a fine paste. Now mix about ¼ teaspoon of honey in it and make a face pack. Apply evenly on the face. Let it dry for about 15 mins and wash it off with cold water. This is an effective home remedy.

To cure dry lips apply make a paste of milk cream (malai) add few drops of lemon juice and rose water and apply this paste on the lips just before retiring to bed. Massage gently till all the paste is absorbed.
Application of grape seed oil will also help. Gently massage the oil on the dry skin to get soft skin.
Apples have natural ingredients to cure dry skin. Take two apples and grate them to make a paste. Apply this evenly on affected area for some time and wash it off when it dries. You will notice soft and glowing skin.

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