Home remedies for common fever

Many a time people wonder what are the cause as well as the most effective remedy for common fever. Fever is basically a reaction of the body to resist and injuries or any sort of diseases that can affect the body. Fever could be a sign of a coming disease that can affect the body, hence should be taken seriously. Fever can be extremely dangerous and troubling for lots of people as it can affect a lot of tissues in the body. A fever could be cause by any medical disorder such as cancer, any lung disease, a common virus or any other medical disorder, whatever might be the case an increase in temperature above normal, shows some troubles in the body. It is the function of the hypothalamus that is a part of the brain whose function is to control the temperature of the body. The temperature of the body is little higher in the evening and a little lower in the mornings.

Home remedies for common fever

A very common home remedy is the use of certain oils that are available in the market. These oils have a soothing affect on the body and help to regulate the body temperature and remove any sort of simple virus that are residing in the body.

The use of coffee aromas is yet another very simple and effective home remedy in the treatment of common fever. Its use not only gives you relief but also tends to improve the immune system and hence is extremely suitable for the health.

You can prepare tea using saffron as this blend has some completely rejuvenating properties.

You can easily prepare this by adding about ½ teaspoons saffron in boiling water and thereby adding some milk. This is indeed one of the best ways to get resistance in times of cold or fever.

You can also use some raisins for this purpose. Soak around raisins in lucid warm water and thereafter you can allow them to be suspended for over an hour. Rinse the excess of water and thereafter you can consume these.

Apricot’s fresh juice is also considered to be efficient in recovering you from such a problem.

You can also go for a juice of grapefruit. These can be very valuable and apart from sustaining your thirst these are active agents that can fight against various virus causing agents in case of common fever. You can consume it along with one glass of water.

Oranges are also considered to be apt in case you have common fever and the reason for this is the Vitamin c content in it. These not only provide you the needed energy but at the same time these also provide some essential immunity and resilience to the body’s immune system in order to stand against common cold.

Water therapy is a yet another important remedy that you can undertake. You can make packs of cold water and these would help you in bringing the temperature back to normal. The evaporation of the water makes the temperature of your body sink back to normal.


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