Home remedies for depression

Depression is an illness that not only involves physical body but also the thought pattern and mind of an individual. It does not vanishes with days but it affects the thought of an individual resulting in poor efficiency.It is an illness that causes negative thoughts to take impingent role in one’s life pattern. It is also be defined as an allergy, which causes a person to remain unhappy, may be due to emotional or mental stress or due to overdose of antibiotics .Anxiety is also a major factor for depression.


Bipolar Depression:

Also known as manic-depressive illness and it is generally not common. Characterized with mood swings with counter between sometimes low and sometime high depression.

Major Depression:

It would only occur once but is repeated more than once in one’s lifespan it affects the normal routine course of an individual.


It is not the complex type of depression but does not go away with time .It affects the normal human mood.

Causes of Depression:
  • Early life experiences
  • Various environmental conditions
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Genetic Hereditary
  • Biochemical reasons
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Stress

Psychological disorders like anxiety and eating disorders can also trigger depression.

Home remedies for depression:

A Rose petal with a cup of boiling water with added sugar is taken whenever feeling depressed.

Fine mixture of 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg powder and 1 tablespoon of freshly prepared amla juice mixture is consumed for 3 times a day for effective treatment of depression.

Licorice tea is used for proper treatment of diabetes. Not more than 3 cups should be consumed daily. This remedy is very effective and one of the best home remedy for depression.

5HTP extracted from seedpods of a plant named Griffonia simplicifolia. It produces serotonin in body, which reduces depression .One of the effective treatment of depression.

Apple along milk and honey lifts up the spirit and also relieves depression
Immersion bath also helps in depression treatment

Root of asparagus is an important food in treatment of depression .Few grams of powdered roots of asparagus can be taken regularly .One of the bet natural remedy for depression.

Various yogic techniques employed for depression relief. Yoga asana based on rhythmic breath pattern are employed at various mental institutions to get people relieved from depression.

Tea along tulsi leaves and sage seeds mixed with it are taken regularly for effective treatment of depression.

Relaxation and meditation also helps in relieving depression .You can practice shava asana under some expert .As meditation is based on focusing your mind thoughts on a particular thought for a period of time hence it’s kind of a mind training leading to a healthy living with proper mind functioning.

A proper diet is taken with all the required nutrients.

Some food for depression

Herbal Tea: One tablespoon of chamomile in boiling water and drink it.
Another domestic remedy is a holy basil and sage tea.
Orange juice also reduces depression.
Regular intake of orange juice in breakfast also improves the immune system.
Almonds and apricots also help in building a sound mind.


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