Home remedies for high blood pressure

Heart pumps the blood into the arteries with a minimum pressure which is called as a blood pressure. It has two strokes namely diastole and systole. The diastole is measured to be 80 and systole is measured to be 120. When there is a variation in these values then the blood pressure changes. When the values of systole and diastole are more than their prescribed value then it is called as high blood pressure. This is a common disease of the modern age. Because of hectic lifestyle and erratic schedules with improper diet, high blood pressure is on the high these days.

How does it happen?

The arteries carry blood from the heart to all the parts of the body. Heart pumps the blood in to these arteries. If there is any fat deposit on the arteries then the circumference of the arteries becomes less thereby causing a pressure on the heart and arteries causing high blood pressure. 

Mainly the reasons are:

Obesity is the major reason of high blood pressure.

Stress, erratic work schedules, improper lifestyle and unhealthy diet leads to increase in the pressure of the blood.

Hormonal factors are also responsible for high blood pressure. Especially hormonal changes are seen in women which causes high blood pressure. This is mostly seen during menopause and pregnancy.

High intake of sodium rich salt. Salt has two components namely sodium and chloride. The sodium in the salt is responsible for high blood pressure.

Home remedies for high blood pressure:

There are many ways to control your blood pressure. There are amazing home remedies to make your blood pressure back on the track.

Proper lifestyle that includes proper diet and regular exercise. These two are the major components of a healthy life. If you stay fit, you live longer. Make sure, you keep all the fatty layers at bay.

Sodium free food is a must for those who have a chronic problem of high blood pressure. Low sodium salt is easily available in the market these days. Make sure you use that salt in your diet.

Keep the oily and fatty foods at bay. Eat a diet full of nutrition and do not indulge on those foods that have a high calorific value.

Take a spoon full of fenugreek leaves. Now swallow it with water on empty stomach early in the morning. This will help to keep your blood pressure under control.

If you want immediate relief, squeeze a lemon in a half a glass of water and drink it every three to four hours. This will ease you a little bit and will bring back your blood pressure into normal.

Amla with milk is another great option for lowering your blood pressure. Take it once every day to keep a check on your high blood pressure.

Watermelon is a great fruit to keep control over your high blood pressure.


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