Home remedies for indigestion

Digestive juices are necessary for proper functioning of the stomach. If the digestive juices are not secreted well from the stomach then the food is not digested properly thereby causing indigestion. If you consume all sorts and varieties of food at the same time then the chances of indigestion increases. Person suffering from indigestion complains of acidity, gas built up in the stomach, sour burps, constipation and heart burns.

How does it happen?

Indigestion has many reasons for its occurrence. It can be caused due to over consumption of food or taking all kinds of different food at the same time. The listed below are some names that are common causes of indigestion.

Obesity is the major cause of indigestion. Excessively fat people or obese people often suffer from indigestion. There stomach loses the ability to secrete proper digestive juices.

If you do not chew your food properly then indigestion occurs. The food should be broken down into pieces before reaching your stomach. You must chew your food 32 times before swallowing it down.

If you are allergic to certain foods like sea foods or eggs and you consume it unknowingly then there are chances of indigestion.

If you do not exercise regularly or do not have an active lifestyle then there are chances of indigestion for sure.

You must cook your food properly before eating to avoid indigestion.

Home remedies for indigestion:

Incorporate exercises in your life style. You must have an active lifestyle to overcome indigestion.

Take half a glass of pineapple juice after thirty minutes of your meal. This will definitely improve your digestion.

Take a glass of lukewarm water and add a spoon of honey, a spoon full of lemon juice and one spoon of ginger juice. Mix it well and have it whenever you have the problem of indigestion.

Oranges are amazing to taste and great for indigestion. If you have a constant indigestion problem then you must take oranges on a regular basis.

Grape juice is another effective way to cure indigestion. If you find it a hassle to make grape juice, then you can have grapes after fifteen minutes of your meal.

If you have a severe problem of acidity then you can drink lukewarm water with a spoon full of lemon juice minutes before your meal. This is a very good method for treating acidic indigestion.

You can apply ice bags over your stomach after thirty minutes of your meal to avoid indigestion.

Yogic asana are very useful to cure indigestion.

If you need an immediate relief, mix equal amount of baking soda and equal amount of water and drink it. This will give you immediate relief.

Take some cumin seeds, roast them and then crush them. Now mix one spoon of cumin powder into one glass of water and drink it for relief.


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