Home remedies for itching

There are many factors that cause skin itching. Below are some factors that are responsible for itching or scratching of the skin.

If the skin is dry and not properly hydrated and does not have enough moisture then itching can happen. You must keep your skin healthy and hydrated to avoid itching.

Sunburns and other skin allergies can also result into skin itching. 

Inflammation or swelling of the skin is also responsible for itching of the skin.Inflammation can be because of various other reasons.

Skin conditions like Eczema and psoriasis also result in itching of the skin. These are medical problems and should be dealt with extreme care. This kind of skin itching is not like any regular scratching of the skin.

Pregnancy is another factor where you can experience itching of the skin over your stomach. This is because the skin stretches for the growing fetus thereby producing dryness and itching.

Parasitic infections, insect bite and insect stings are majorly responsible for all skin itching.

Even, strong detergents with a large amount of chemicals can also cause itching.

Home remedies for itching:

There are many home remedies for skin itching. Listed below are few ways to reduce skin itching:

Keep your skin hydrated at all times. Drink as much water as you can to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Apply moisturizer on your skin after you take bath. This will keep your skin full of moisture and soft.

Peppermint bath is the best to reduce itching. Peppermint has medicinal properties as well as cooling properties. You can take few peppermint leaves and soak it in water and take a bath of the same water.

Vicks vapor rub is a good local applicator. You can apply it topically on to the skin where it is itching to get immediate relief.

Add two spoons of white vinegar in the water tub and then take your bath with the same water. This is an effective measure to cure itching.

Application of Aloe Vera based medicated creams are also very helpful to reduce itching.

Apply cod liver oil on the affected area to get the best results.

Make a mixture of coconut paste and lime juice. Now apply it on the affected part to get rid of itching.Itching is mainly caused due to impurity in the blood stream of human body. When there are impurities because of any reason the skin gets affected and there is a scratching sensation. This scratching sensation is called as itching. This is quite contagious in most of the cases. 

Itching can be localized to a particular area of the skin or may be generalized affecting the entire body. Many diseases result into itching of the skin. Moreover, there can be any toxic material inside your body that will cause itching. Many insect bites and stings are also responsible for skin itching. 

They release toxic material into the skin because of which itching occurs.


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