Home Remedies for migraine

Migraine is caused due to stress on the nerves of the human brain. The person experiences severe pain on one side of the brain which is often accompanied by pain in the body, vomiting and dizziness. The blood vessels of the brain undergo rapid contraction and relaxation causing severe pain on one side of the brain. This is because of stress and strain on human brain.

How does it happen?

There are several reasons for the occurrence of migraine. Listed below are few major reasons for the migraine to occur.

Excessive stress on the brain is the major reason for migraine. If a person is extremely stressed out due to any reason then there is a constant pressure on the brain thereby causing pain on one side of the brain.

Constant tension due to work related or personal problems is also the reason for migraine to occur.

Hormonal factors contribute a lot to migraine.

In women there are hormonal changes seen during menopause where there are lot of changes seen in the body causing emotional and physical stress resulting in migraine

Pregnancy is another reason for migraine. This is also because of the hormonal changes inside the body.

If a person uses a certain drug in large amounts then migraine can be caused. You must take an optimum dose of your medicine.

If the blood sugar level is constantly low then migraine can be caused due to the same.

Certain infections and allergies are also responsible for migraine.

Home Remedies for migraine:

Aromatherapy is very useful for the treatment of migraine. You can use your choice of aromas. You can use sandalwood, eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender or any other herb of your choice. You can use candles of these products, lit them in a dark room and lie down for some time.

Sandalwood oil, lavender oil or any other oil of your choice can be used for massaging your head. You can massage your head for fifteen minutes and lie down with closed eyes for some time. You must relax while you are getting your massage done.

Put few drops of aromatic oils in a bowl of water and dip a cotton cloth into it. Now apply the cotton cloth on your forehead and keep it as it is for two minutes. Now dip it again and apply it on your forehead. Repeat this procedure for ten to fifteen times to get the best result.

You must use anti inflammatory oil such as primrose oil for massaging your head. Put few drops of primrose oil on your palm, rub it and apply it on your forehead. Rub it on your head for fifteen minutes with gentle pressure on the pain area. You can repeat it every half hour for three times.

Regular exercises are also important to maintain a good balance of your body. You must do your exercises religiously in order to get rid of migraine. Proper blood supply to your brain is very important.


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