Home remedies for ring worms

Ring worms are skin infection caused my micro organism which belongs to the fungi group. Moreover, this is also called as Tinea. The group of fungi that causes Tinea is called as dermatophytes. If you break the word dermatophytes then you get two words namely derma and phytes. Derma means skin and phytes means organism. Therefore, dermatophytes mean those organisms that affect the skin of human body.

How does it happen

Tinea is a contagious condition and should be treated well. Since it is a contagious condition, you must keep your affected skin away from other body surfaces.

This is also caused due to constant dampness in and around the body parts. For example, it is caused in between the toes if the area is excessively moist and damp.

Some kind of minor injuries to skin and scalp can also cause fungus infection causing Ring worms.

Tinea is highly contagious as it can spread from one person to another through direct skin contact.

If you use the same comb as of the infected person then there are chances for you getting Tinea.

Moreover, exchange of clothing from an infected person can also cause the fungal infection to spread.

There are two types of Tinea. One is the scalp Tinea which lasts up to ten to fifteen days. The other type of Tinea is skin Tinea which generally last from seven to ten days.

Home remedies for ring worms

There are many home remedies for Ringworm as well as you can get medicated creams from the market also. This article will give you a brief of all the home remedies you can do to get rid of Tinea.

Mustard seeds have a remarkable effect on Tinea. Take some black mustard seeds and crush them into fine powder. Now, make a fine paste of these mustard seeds with water and apply on the surface of the skin that is affected by Tinea. Apply it every two hours in a day to get the best results.

Raw papaya is also a very good option for the treatment of Ring worms. You can make a paste as well as apply it directly on the skin or the scalp that is affected with Tinea.

You must know that turmeric is a very good spice that has immense medicinal qualities. You can get raw turmeric from the market and take out the juice from it. Now, apply this juice over the affected area.

You can mix a table spoon of honey with turmeric juice and have it twice a day orally.

The combination of spinach juice and carrot juice is also good for the treatment of ring worms. You can have it orally or apply on the affected skin area.

Castor oil is also equally good for treating Ring worms. These are tried and tested ways to get rid of Tinea. You must follow these simple ways to have a healthy looking skin.

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