Home remedies for skin allergy

The allergy of the skin due to weak immune system is called as skin allergy. Immune system plays a very important role in defending diseases. In the nutshell, allergies are caused due to weak immune system. Your immune system produces anti bodies that help your body to fight over diseases. The allergies are caused because of antigens or foreign particles that infect your system. Antibodies fight over the antigen that is thereby called as an immune response of the body.

How does it happen?

Skin Allergies are caused due to weak immune response of your body. Different people have different kinds of allergies of the skin.

Some people are allergens to eggs and other animal products. Their body produces rashes over the skin in response to the allergy.

Some people are allergic to excessive sunlight and get Skin Allergy due to over exposure to sunlight.

Allergy to cold is quite common in human beings. The allergies entirely depend upon the immune response of one person. So, if you come to know the causative agent of allergy you must keep your body away from it.

The most common types of allergies of skin are dermatitis, prickly heat and hives.

Home remedies for skin allergy:

There are many remedies to overcome Skin Allergies. This article will brief you about certain home remedies that you can try at home and get rid of your allergies. However, the golden rule is to identify the causative allergen and stay away from it.

If you apply a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice in equal proportions to the affected area then you can get rid of your Skin Allergy.This procedure has to be done thrice a day. You must keep the mixture on your allergy for approximately fifteen minutes. Then let it dry and after that wash it off with cold water.

Another remedy for skin rashes is by the use of sandalwood and rose water. You must take dry sandalwood powder and make it into a fine smooth paste with rose water. Now, apply it on your face or the area of the allergy. Keep it on your face till half an hour or until it dries up. Now, you must wash it with cold water and pat dry your face. Sandalwood has many medicinal properties that keep the allergies at bay and helps to heal the affected area.

Other than these two methods, there are certain rules you must follow to keep a distance from the Skin Allergies. You must drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

You must drink lots of fluids in form of juices and lemon water.

Coconut water has medicinal properties too so; you can have coconut water also.

People with Skin allergy must avoid taking alcohol and smoking cigarette.

You must take vitamin C rich fruits like oranges and lemon. Vitamin C supplements prescribed from doctors are also a good option to keep allergies at bay.


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