Home Remedies for Smelly Feet

Apple cider vinegar helps tone and soften skin and is also great for killing fungal infections that can cause or contribute to smelly feet. Use a 50/50 split with water.

Alternate your foot receptacles. Letting your shoes "air out" after use will help reduce the bacteria. You will also be able to keep your shoes for a longer period of time if you occasionally switch them out.

Another possible issue related to smelly feet can be foot fungus. There are plenty of foot fungus variations out there and these can also lead to smelly feet. If you do in fact feel like this could potentially be an issue for you definitely call your physician and ask about some medications that would be available to help alleviate the pain and smell.

Do this every other day for a week and sweating should diminish. You still have to have clean shoes to avoid foot odor, but reducing perspiration also helps. The downside of using tea is that it can stain your feet brown (and the walnut hulls recommended by some herbalists will make your feet even browner). But if that's a problem, you can use Epsom salts.

The primary cause is one of an over abundance of foot perspiration and bacteria. The rate of sweat production is greatly affected by a wide range of emotions such as fear, nervousness, falling in love, and performance anxiety, be it sexual or work related stress.

Feet smell even more strongly when you wear socks or shoes. The sweat is unable to get dissolved in the air and therefore it makes the feet a place for bacteria to feast upon. Some feet smell stronger when compared to the others due to the excess production of sweat through the active oil glands.

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