Home remedies for stress

There are certain unavoidable syndromes in the biological system of human body. Human body is very complex and has specific mechanisms to overcome the harm caused by foreign bodies. Stress is caused due to death of the cells in our body. You must know that our body is made up of cells. Each cell of the body has a specific role that maintains the equilibrium of the body. There are number of cells that die every day and in response to this action the cells of the body generate new cells.

How does it happen?

There are certain factors due to which this equilibrium is not maintained in a perfect manner.

The number of cells produced do not equal to the number of the cells that die. This is a major fault in the system due to infection of any kind. This causes a condition called as Stress.

Damage is caused by the foreign particles called as antigens and the biological system produces antibodies in response to that damage. Headache causes a lot of Stress in the biological system.

Hormonal factors are also responsible for the stressful cells. If there is any hormonal imbalance in the body then the repair mechanism of the cells is highly impaired.

Overload at the work station is also responsible for the stressed out feeling. Inferiority complex is another factor that causes immense pressure on the nerves and causes imbalance of the function of the cells.

Home remedies for stress:

There are number of home remedies that you can try and get rid of Stress.
Milk product like yogurt is really good for releasing Stress from your biological system. Yogurt has some excellent enzymes that help a lot in the healing process of your biological system.

If you can induce sprouts in your diet then you can overcome the stressful problems. You can soak the sprouts in a bowl with water overnight. Next morning, you can have a bowl full of sprouts. This kind of activity will keep your Stress at bay.

You must learn one thing that proper diet is the key to solve all the physical ailments.

You must have a rich nutritious diet with proper dose of macro as well as micro nutrients.

You can also chew raw basil leaves thrice a day to get the benefit. Basil leaves are very good for a proper functioning of your body. Take approximately 10 to 12 leaves of basil and slowly chew them thrice a day.

Foods rich in vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin B complex are also very useful.
Take your daily dose of calcium and minerals if you want to live a stress free life. There are certain fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin and minerals. Make sure you incorporate those fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.


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