Home remedies for Sun burn

Especially in summers, when your skin is exposed to direct sunlight for long hours then there is darkening of the skin which is termed as sun burn. There is melanin in the skin of human beings which gets activated when it comes in direct contact with the sunlight. This melanin is responsible for producing the darkening of the skin. This is most common in summers when sun is at its peak.

How does it occur?

Different people have different melanin content in their skin and when the melanin of the skin is exposed to the ultraviolet rays then there is darkening of the skin which is called as sun burn.

Home remedies for Sun burn:

You should avoid going out in the sun and avoid direct exposure to the sunlight. You must take an umbrella with you whenever you step out in the sun.

You should take precautions like applying sun screen lotions all over the exposed surface whenever you are out in the sun. There are many sun screen lotions available in the market with a certain SPF. You must wear sun glasses to avoid any direct contact with the sunlight. Moreover, try wearing full sleeves shirts and pants to minimize the exposure of sunlight.

Creams rich in Vitamin E is another tried and tested formula. You can get and medicated creams with Vitamin E incorporated into it. There are many herbal vitamin E rich creams that are easily available in the market.

Raw potato is very good for removing tan from your skin. Peel a potato and cut it into thin round slices. Now apply it in circular motions on the tanned surface. Rub gently for ten minutes and then let it dry for another ten minutes. After that just wash it with cold water. Repeat this process for three times a day.

Potato juice mixed with lemon juice and cucumber juice is also extremely helpful in removing tanning from your skin. You must mix all these juices in equal amounts and apply it on your skin and let it dry for thirty minutes. After half an hour wash your face with cold water.

Get some herbal tea bags from the market. Soak them in hot water and then cool it down. Refrigerate the tea bags for few hours. Now apply cold tea bags evenly to the tanned area. Keep it for as much time as you want then wash it off with cold water.

Make a mixture of fresh yogurt, barley and some turmeric. Mix it well and make a smooth fine paste out of it. Now apply on your face, arms and other parts that are exposed to the sunlight. Apply it evenly like a face pack and let it dry for about thirty minutes. Now wash it off with cold water.

Lavender oil helps to reduce irritation of the skin. It helps in healing of the skin too.


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