Home Remedies for Tooth ache

Pain in the teeth is referred to as tooth ache. This is quite common with people having sensitive teeth. It is also an indication of decay of tooth. If you do not take proper oral hygiene then there are chances of tooth ache. When there is swelling or an inflammation of the pulp of the tooth then the pain occurs.

How does it happen?

There are many reasons for a tooth ache. However, there are mainly three reasons of toothache.

Tooth decay is one of the major reasons of tooth ache. If there is any inflammation of the pulp of the tooth then decaying of tooth starts. Moreover, there can some sort of infection also.

When we talk of an infection then mouth bacteria is the first thing that occurs to us. Bacteria are micro organism that causes delaying of the teeth. Bacteria also cause pain and internal swelling of the teeth and gums.

Tooth cavity is another major reason for a tooth ache. When your teeth are affected by a cavity then your mouth and teeth gets severely damaged.

Home Remedies for Tooth ache:

Sanitation is the most important thing that you should incorporate in your lifestyle if you want to get rid of any problems of the oral cavity.

You must brush your teeth at least two times a day in order to keep up your oral hygiene. You must brush early in the morning and again at night before going to bed.

If you eat non vegetarian stuff in the mid day then you must brush your teeth after having your non vegetarian food. Any kind of leftover food in your teeth will lead to tooth delay. You must avoid such conditions.

Clove oil is the world famous remedy for tooth ache. You can get it from any medical shop. You must keep a bottle of clove oil handy with you if you suffer from tooth ache. Take a cotton dip it in clove oil and apply it on the affected tooth. Keep it for some time until the pain subsides. Repeat it every two hours in a day.

In case you do not have clove oil, then you need not worry. You can take few cloves from your kitchen pantry. Roast them in a pan and then crush them into a fine powder. Now apply this powder on the affected tooth and keep it as it is for some time until the pain subsides.

After every meal you should do a gargle using hydrogen peroxide. This will automatically kill all the residual germs in your oral cavity.

You can boil some water approximately one cup of water and put five gram of peppermint and a pinch of salt. Now drink this if you have tooth ache. This mixture will relieve pain from your tooth.

Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eating raw fruits will enhance the strength of your mouth and teeth. This is great for oral hygiene.


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