Home remedies to cure alcoholism

Alcoholism is a condition where in a person is addicted to alcohol. Too much consumption and regular drinking of alcohol refers to this state of alcoholism. Due to excessive drinking, a person’s physical and mental health is disturbed. In extreme cases the liver is damaged and many parts of the body are also damaged. In long run it also affects the brain cells and the heart. When a person is addicted to alcohol he has to have a strong will power to get out of that situation. Following are a few home remedies to overcome this situation.

Home remedies to cure alcoholism

One useful remedy to stop the urge to drink alcohol is to drink fresh fruit juices, munch on snacks or eat candies.

A quick home remedy is to mix 5-6 dates in water and drink this 2-3 times in a day. Keep drinking this for few weeks to draw you out of this situation.

Drinking buttermilk will prove to be fruitful. Have one glass of buttermilk each morning on empty stomach.

Include grapes in your daily diet. Grapes have a flavor of alcohol in it. Have a bowl of grapes everyday if you crave for alcohol. Grapes are also a healthy option and keep you fit as well.

To lessen your desires to drink alcohol eat apples. Apples are very effective and help in flushing out the toxins from your body as well.

Extract juice from the leaves of bitter gourd and add about 3-4 teaspoons of this juice in one glass of butter milk. It’s an effective home remedy as it removes the toxins from the body and helps in curing the injured liver as well.

Drinking celery juice will be beneficial for an alcoholic patient. Take half glass of water and add half glass celery juice in it. Drink this everyday for about 4 weeks for best results.

Eat wise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s very essential to include fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts and grains in your diet. Avoid too much of sweets, meat and white flour.

Exercise everyday. It’s very important to have a fitness regime. Do yoga or meditate everyday for half an hour to come out of this situation.

Be determined and strong headed. Don’t get carried away by your thoughts to drink alcohol. Have a strong will power and believe in yourself that you can quit alcohol.

Quit smoking. Smoking is also harmful to your health. In the process of giving up alcohol quit smoking as well. Smoking will make your craving stronger to drink.


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