Home remedies to cure Asthma

Asthma is an ailment related to the lungs. In asthma a person may feel difficulty in breathing because of the narrow air passage in the respiratory area. Asthma is a common persistent inflammatory sickness of the airways. For an asthmatic patient it is difficult to move the air in and out easily, therefore they are extra sensitive. A few symptoms of asthma are constantly coughing, breathing in and out with a sound, wheezing and improper breathing. Asthmatic patients should always carry an inhaler or respirator so that during an attack it is easy for them to breath as it opens up the respiratory tract and allows the air in.

Why does it happen?

Changes in the weather.
Allergic to smoke, house mites, dust, any allergy through certain foods or medicines, pollen etc.
Consumption of processed food, low intake of omega-3 fatty acids and more intake of salt.
Lack of exercise.
Pain in the respiratory organs.
People working in various industries of chemical production, car paints, baking, farming and wood working are more affected by asthma.

Home remedies to cure Asthma

Add a little camphor in mustard oil (sarson) and massage this on the chest to get relief from choked lungs.

To get instant relief inhale steam, soak your feet in hot water or have a hot bath. Sunbath will also be effective.

A good home remedy is to peel dry pomegranate and keep it in a container. In a bowl boil one cup of milk and add raisins and few pomegranate peels in it. Have this milk at least two times in a day.

In a blender, blend lemon juice, honey and radish. Now cook this mixture on a low flame for about 15-20 mins. Every morning have one teaspoon of this mixture.

For instant relief take one teaspoon of honey and add teaspoon of turmeric powder (haldi). Have this at least two times a day. This will also reduce the number of attacks.

During the early stages, chew little black pepper before retiring to bed. This will give your some relief.

Take 5-6 grams of Indian gooseberry (amla) and add one teaspoon of honey in it. Have this each morning. This is a very good and effective remedy to cure asthma.

An asthmatic patient should be given boiled milk with few garlic cloves in it. This is a very useful remedy.

A good home remedy is to have turmeric milk every day. Just boil milk and add turmeric powder (haldi) in it. It is best advised to have it on empty stomach and for more benefits have it at least twice a day.

To reduce your asthmatic attacks take little basil (tulsi) and add black pepper and honey to it. Have this everyday to prevent you from attacks. You can also chew some basil leaves as it is very healthy also.

One simple cure is to mix honey, 1 gram of black pepper and 1 gram of dry ginger powder. Consume this mixture. This is a good home remedy.

Chewing fennel seeds (saunf) regularly helps in preventing attacks.

Boil some fenugreek seeds (meethi) in water. Keep boiling till the water is one-third. Now remove from the flame and add one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of ginger juice. This will be very helpful for an asthmatic patient.

Asthmatic patient should be away from dust for speedy recovery. Make sure they breath in fresh air daily. Make sure they are also free from stress and tension and have minimum exposure to cold.


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