Home remedies to cure backaches

Minor or major pain in the lower portion of the back is generally referred as backache. Backache can happen to young people as well as old. If any one is suffering from backache for more than three-four month, it can turn severe and can damage the spine. Like headaches, backaches are common aches that people experience due extra physical exertion.

Why does it happen?
  • Lifting heavy weights or objects
  • Slipped disc
  • Any  physical inquiry in the back
  • Arthritis
Home remedies to cure backaches

It is very important to take complete rest when you are having a backache. Lie on your back to give it a complete rest.

When picking up anything always bend your knees, don’t strain your back.

Garlic is an excellent remedy to cure backache. Eat 2-3 cloves of garlic in the morning. Use garlic oil for massage. Massage the affected area for quick relief. You can buy the oil from market or can make it at home as well.

Massaging your back with mint oil will also be effective.

Lemon is also useful in curing back pain. Drink lemon juice mixed with salt daily, it will give you relief from pain.

Exercise regularly or do yoga’s. Yoga can cure back pain. Hire a good yoga instructor and go yoga asana especially for the back.

A good home remedy is to mix sugar candy and khas-khas grass. Grind it into powder and use a dose of about six grams in milk. Have this milk twice a day for backache relief.

Warm water will be very helpful. Have a warm water bath or use a heat bag to comfort your back.

Potatoes are the immediately available at home. Raw potatoes do wonders to your back. Apply potato in poultice form on the affected area.

Increase your intake of Vitamin C in your daily routine. Vitamin C will be helpful and you will notice the difference in few days.

Avoid lifting heavy weights and avoid any physical exertion as well.

Watch your weight! Excess weight can also be the reason for acute back pain. 

Eat healthy and stay fit. Follow a regular fitness regime and dump the junk food.

Sleep on firm mattress if you have back pain and don’t want to worsen it. 

Sleep with bend knees and on sides.

For working people who suffer from backaches, make sure you have the right seat. At regular intervals just get up and take a small walk in the office. Don’t go in for soft cushioned seats, this will further damage your back.


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