Home remedies to cure a miscarriage

When a pregnancy comes to an end by natural means before 20-22 weeks is called a miscarriage. Possibility of a miscarriage is more likely to happen in the first two trimesters. Miscarriage happens when the fetus can’t endure inside. There are many factors associated to a miscarriage.

Why does it happen?
  • Twin pregnancy
  • Hormonal changes
  • Cervix weakness
  • Persistent illness such as blood pressure, thyroid or diabetes
  • Immune disorders
  • Chromosome disorder
Home remedies to cure a miscarriage

Every day in the morning have a glass of amla juice mixed with honey. This is easy and quick and will avoid a miscarriage.

One of the natural remedy is to boil half cup of milk and add one-fourth teaspoon of ground bay leaf. Have this everyday; this will take care of the fetus.

Yoga will be of great help. Practice the following asana – vjarasan, bhujangasana, trikonasana, dhanurasana, shalabhasana, paschimottasana. Pranayam is also very beneficial.

Have ginger tea daily to avoid vomiting.

Good and natural remedy is to have a cup of false unicorn every hour. This will avoid miscarriage.

For about 8-10 days have 8-9 grams of ascorbic acid. This will be very helpful.
To prevent miscarriage have wild yam.

Restrict the use of any medicines or antibiotics. They are harmful for the fetus. For mild cough, cold or fevers go in for natural remedies to cure it.

Avoid taking too much of stress or tension. Don’t over burden yourself.

Cure for miscarriage can be done by an application of cold compress to the inner portion of vagina, thighs, the lumbar region and perineum during the initial trimester.

A good and natural home made diet is as follows: boil three parts of false unicorn roots, one part of black haw, three oz herbs and one part lobelia in one and half quarts of water for about 20 mins. Have this at least thrice a day. Have one teaspoon of this with water each time.

An easy home remedy is to have a hot application on the feet.

Avoid smoking, drinking and consuming tobacco.

Take proper rest and doing mild stretching exercises will also be helpful.


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