Home Remedies to quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. Such a warning is written on every packet of cigarettes. Nobody is responsible if you get addicted to smoking. There are people who start with one cigarette a day then slowly become addicted to it. However, some addicts want to get rid of their smoking habits and thereby this phenomenon of getting rid of smoking is called as “Quit Smoking”.

How does it occur?

Smoking is a terrible habit that destroys your mind, body and soul. People often do not realize when they become an addict.

You can control your urge by several ways. If you are an addict then you will feel a strong urge to have a cigarette. It is your will power that will calm you down. The first thing is to have a self disciplined life. You must have a strong will power. You have to improve your lifestyle. You must incorporate routine exercises in your lifestyle. Exercises will not only keep you fit but also will give you peace of mind.

Salt is the essential ingredient in the food we eat. This salt will help you to overcome your urge to have cigarettes. Salt is a strong ingredient that will get subsided your will to smoke. When you feel like smoking, put some salt on the tip of your tongue. To your surprise, you will see that the urge for smoking vanishes in seconds.

Lobelia herbal cigarettes are also very useful for those who want to quit smoking. These are herbal anti- smoking cigarettes which are especially made for those who want to quit smoking for good. Moreover, they do not have any harmful components. They are medically proven and absolutely harmless to the addicts.

Honey is another magical ingredient for those who want to quit smoking. You must have one tablespoon of honey thrice a day if you want to get rid of your smoking habit.

Another tried and tested formula is a mixture of radish and honey. Take some radish and crush it into a fine paste. Now, take some honey, mix it well and eat it thrice a day.

Orange juice and grape juice is equally beneficial.

Hence, by taking a proper note of the following home remedies you can certainly get a relief from this problem.

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