Natural Bruise Remedy

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when the herb cayenne pepper had its start as an herbal remedy. There are no writings on Capsicum in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, or Persia. The best guess that historians are willing to put forward is that cayenne went to India and China some time in the 14th or 15th century. It is believed that Europe started cultivation around the 16th century.

The first to consider is the essential oils. Only the purest oils will do for therapeutic purposes. Do not be fooled into thinking that you are purchasing pure oil when in fact it is a blend of several oils. Blended oils are acceptable for fragrance such as perfuming a room, but pure oils are necessary for medicinal intent.

As more people become wary of the adverse effects of chemically produced drugs and health products from the store, natural home remedies also become more popular. Though these natural alternative medicines are never intended as a substitute for professional medical care, their powerful healing attributes have long been used thousands of years ago since biblical times and proven to safely cure diseases and correct health disorders for generations after generations.

Just today I received an email from a past patient who had moved to another country. She told me of the successful treatments she was having with her homeopathic home prescriber kit. Tonsillitis in her young daughter, the never ending knocks and bruises, helping her brother-in-law through chicken pox. She told me she loved to see the surprise people expressed when her 'home' treatment worked.

If you have tried going to the doctor and tried those prescribed medications, and still have scabies, then pesticide-based scabies treatment is not for you. Do you want to get rid of those itchy mites without having to put more poison on your face and body that doesn't work? If yes, then these natural based remedy treatments for scabies might work for you

A perennial found in the mountainous regions of Eastern Europe, Russia and North America, it has bright yellow, daisy-like flowers and is a relative of the sunflower. There are about 30 species, but those used most often for their healing properties are Arnica montana and Arnica chamissonis folioso. They contain a substance called Helenalin, which gives the plant its anti-inflammatory property. It improves circulation by dilating the capillaries under the skin.

Herbal remedies and supplements come in many different forms, from liquid tinctures to dried herbs for teas; from soothing salves to fresh poultices. It is helpful for newcomers to herbal remedies to understand the different herbal supplements and how each is used. Below are brief descriptions of seven herbal preparations which are in common usage today.

Looking for a natural bruise remedy? You're not alone. Everyone on the planet has had a bruise at some point in their lifetime, there is no way to avoid them. I guess the only way one can avoid bruises is if you wrapped yourself in a foam or bubble wrap and walked around in that manner. When we were kids we didn't care if we got a bruise, we maybe cried asked our mommy to kiss it and make it better then we went back outside to play again.

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