Get Rid of Facial Hair

Having excessive facial hair can be very off-putting. Especially if you are a woman, you will find it all the more embarrassing. The condition of excessive hair growth is called hirsute and there are several reasons for it to happen. This can be due to the side effect of medicines or hormonal trouble that you may have. Here are some of the common methods of removing unsightly facial hair. Here are some you could consider.

Shaving by far is one of the most common and simplest ways of getting rid of facial hair. But it is also the one way in which your hair will grow back the fastest. If you have hirsute then the shadow of fresh growth can come back as soon as within a day and in the case of men, by the end of the day. Another method, which takes a bit longer than shaving tweezing and this, is considered by most as being rather painful. Also excessive hair tweezing can take a great deal of time and can make you very uncomfortable.

There are plenty of Depilatory creams in the market and they are a great way of getting rid of facial hair in a gentle manner. The only trouble is that the chemical in it can smell a bit offensive at times and that can put most people off. Also, there are chances of developing an allergy to the cream. It is always best to do a patch test with the cream before you use it on larger parts of your body.

Waxing is another very popular form of hair removal and is best described as mass tweezing. You can wax yourself or have someone do it for you. Wax needs to be warmed up and then applied to the skin in a vertical manner. A strip of cloth or a waxing strip needs to be applied firmly onto the patch and then pulled vigorously in the opposite side of the growth of the hair. The hot wax can give you some great results and takes off large patches of hair in a short time. Hair growth will take up to a month or little more to come back. You should expect hair growth to return in four to six weeks.

Threading is another very popular form of facial hair removal where facial hair is removed using a thread. Threading can cause nicks and cuts on the face but leaves the face hair free for 2 - 4 weeks depending on each person's hair growth. Epicare is an innovative and easy to use DIY device that eliminates the thread with its unique spring. Threading is now at your fingertips with this very cost effective and safe gadget. Best of all, Epicare does not tear the skin and is so easy to use that even a 10 year old can master it.

There is also electrolysis that one can consider for a more permanent solution. All of these are ways in which you can get rid of excessive hair.


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