10 Things to Overcome With New Mom Exhaustion

When you become a new mom, sometime you find yourself too burdened. Looking after a newly born baby all day long is a tedious task which will be more tiring  especially after all the pregnancy stress. After a long and tiring pregnancy and those labour pains, not getting much rest and having to stay awake entire night to make your baby go to sleep. 

Here are a few tips which will help you to deal with exhaustion of being a new mom: 

Live on Baby Time:

The world around us moves on a very fast pace but babies have their own time speed which is very much slower than the rest of the world. When you become a new mom you should move with the pace of your baby, this will help you to reduce your exhaustion and be in pace with your baby.

Concentrate more on your baby:

For few months give your baby the highest priority. If you decided to be a mom, you must have thought about it thoroughly and would have known that it came with a responsibility. So, give your utmost time toyour baby and make sure that you do not get involved in useless activities and get sick.

 Get Maximum sleep:

Whenever you get time, take a nap even if it is at odd hours. Babies usually do not follow the normal routine of the world and therefore might not prefer to sleep according to your schedule. So sleep when you are free and your baby is either sleeping or in care of someone else.

Give yourself some Nurturing:

When have responsibility of a newly born infant it is advised that you keep yourself energized. Do exercises in the morning, it will help you regain your figure and also make you fit. Take a break and go for a 30 minute hot bath to relax yourself, power yoga also helps a lot.

Baby whimper is baby communication:

Whenever your baby cries or whimpers it means it is trying to communicate with his mommy. That is their way of communicating with you, telling you if he is hungry or if he is not feeling well. This is one of the wonders of Mother Nature.

Don’t over expect from yourself:

Some people who were more job oriented than home centred feel that staying at home after having a baby will give them an opportunity to get things done around their house. You do not want to over exert yourself and increase your burden by adding more tasks to your day to day life which already has the heavy duty of taking care of a newly born baby.

Keep a Nanny or a maid:

It is suggested that eventually you take some kind of help for helping you deal with such a situation. You can keep a nanny to look after the baby from time to time especially if you are a working woman and want to resume your job. You can also keep a maid to help you with the household chores or leave your baby with a nearest relative or friend if you want to take some time off and go for an outing.

Accept Help:

You would be surprised to know how many people around you would be happy to help you with your baby. Babies are such wonderful creatures that people would love to be involved in a baby’s life. There will be many friends and family who would be interested in helping you.

Get to know other new parents:

Getting to know other new parents will help you to deal with the stress you are feeling. You can share your ideas and stories and every couple can share their own unique solutions to baby problems, thereby helping each other.

You feel more emotional:

With the addition of a new baby in your life you are expected to feel more emotional than ever. Your feelings and sentiments are doubled and you feel the love of motherhood towards your child. This is new but it makes you feel good.

These tips are extremely useful and will definitely help you to cope with new mom exhaustion. You are bound to face difficulties after your first pregnancy and these tips are here to make sure that you come out all this as a winner.

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