Diaper Rashes and Their Home Remedies

A diaper rash is one of the awfully common problems that almost all babies have to face. Diaper rashes occur due to the warm and moist areas in the diapers that affect the skin. The rashes could be a result of the building up of bacteria in the diaper due to unhygienic conditions inside the diaper. If the diapers are not changed from time to time then this could result in an increase in the problems of rashes and could be very painful for the child.

Diaper rashes and their cause

If diapers are used constantly on the babies’ then diaper rashes could be produced, diaper rashes are a state where the skin is damaged due to continue reaction with ammonia. In diapers the ammonia is accumulated by the urine collection for an extended period of time. These rashes are extremely painful for the baby‘s sensitive skin and could be one of the reason for him, crying a lot. The diaper rashes could also be produces due to the detergent left over’s in the diapers could also tend to produce these rashes. Some of the babies have more sensitive skin than others in these cases it is very important to take a good care andchange the diapers regularly, in these cases diaper rashes could be produced due to humid weather also.

Diaper rashes and their home remedies

Giving proper bath to the baby is the best remedy that can be given for diaper rashes. When giving bath take care of the following things to have a better care of the baby.
Mix oatmeal in the tub water in which you are giving bath to your baby. Let your baby sit in the tub and put more oatmeal beneath there.
Apart from oatmeal, Vera gel is yet another alternative for giving bath.
Also baking soda can be added to the bathing water. Baking soda removes the amount of bacteria and reduces the rashes effect.
To reduce the chance of the baby catching the rashes, wash the clothes regularly and instead of using detergents which are often dangerous to the surface of the skin of the baby, use vinegar oil as it is more delicate and are not left away on the diapers.

 Diaper rashes and home cures

The diaper rashes can be cured by mixing a proper amount of water and olive oil in equal quantity and apply them gently on to the rashes of the baby.
Cod liver oil is also considered as a very good care in baby rashes, use cotton to apply it on the diaper rashes of the baby.
Other vegetable oils can also be applied on the rashes.
It is very important to keep the rashes surface uncovered for maximum amount of time.
You should avoid any sort of moisture to reach the rashes. This would help to cure them quickly.
The baby should be kept clean and dry to avoid rashes.

You should adhere to these steps in order to give your baby a fine protection and cure against diaper rashes.

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