Home Remedies For Acid Reflux Disease

Acid re-flux is commonly referred to as GIRD or Gastrointestinal Re flux Disease. The stomach already has natural acids, pepsin and which help decompose food. If the acid backs up into the esophagus, you will feel a burning sensation.

The most effective home remedies for acid reflux involves the use of herbs. Some of these natural herbs that can provide you with quick relief includes lavender, anise, licorice, and tumeric. The best part is that these herbs can be easily found at your local health store. To use herbs such as these as treatment you can eat them or make them as a tea to drink.

You can effectively tell in case you have reflux if you happen to experience signs like bitter style, burning sensation within the chest or upper abdomen and your throat's back, extreme belching, respiratory difficulties, tightness of throat, issue in swallowing food, and bad breath.

Ginger, a Chinese remedy used for nausea and upset stomach, has also helped with those suffering from reflux symptoms. This method works very fast and is something that you can do as often as you need to. Unlike some of the over the counter options that you have to wait several hours before taking the next dose to help you to feel better.

Celery and cabbage are both very alkaline in nature. The more alkaline you can become, the less you will be prone to acid indigestion. Of course a juicer is required to make this drink as well as potato juice. I juice celery and cabbage together every day. Be sure to drink it freshly made. You be amazed at how good this makes you feel.

One way to find out which foods make the symptoms worse is to keep a food log for a few weeks. Keep track of which foods set off the acid reflux and then it becomes easier to avoid them, or at least eat them in moderation.

Petha is also very effective in treating acidity. If the patients of acidity make a habit to take at least two pieces of petha regularly then the problem of acidity will be completely cured.

Lowering discomfort with home remedies for acid reflux is possible, but it will take some simple changes on your behalf. Heartburn is much better handled when you know how you can make changes to your lifestyle and using natural home remedies for treating the problem.

Honey helps to heal damaged tissues, such as the tissue lining in the sphincter. Decaffeinated green tea can soothe stomach upset and help improve digestion. You can also add a teaspoon of honey to any tea to sweeten the taste.

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