Home Remedies for a Weak Liver Cure

Weak liver is a problem which arises when the liver fails to work properly and become lethargic soon. So trying some good home remedies is a fine way to cure this illness. Basically, the human liver is responsible for detoxifying the body by removing the excess of harmful substances into the bloodstreams.

And as the body absorbs many toxins and harmful elements through diet, environment and certain medications, so it becomes very essential to for the liver to work properly and healthily. The benefits of cleansing this organ are the removal of unwanted fat, toxins, parasites and gallstones. So, why to wait for more! Have a look at some of the wonderful natural cures to treat a weak liver problem.

Best Home Remedies for a Weak Liver


Flowery or cruciferous veggies help the liver to function properly. Some of these veggies includes broccoli, beetroot, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage (preferably home grown). You can eat them in their raw form or steam them a little bit. These foods contain some important enzymes which help in detoxifying the liver. Raw onions are also good for your liver.

Bright colored fruits- Dark and bright colored fruits are rich in antioxidants which are very important for the fine health of the body system, including the liver. It includes raisins, blueberries, blackberries, plums, grapefruits, raspberries and strawberries.

Green foods

Green foods hold a lot of chlorophyll which helps in removing toxins from the body, especially from the liver. In this case, you can take foods like kale, lettuce and wheat grass.

Some other Natural Remedies to make your Liver Strong

Spices & Herbs 

Some spices like turmeric, cinnamon, caraway seeds, cumin, saffron and licorice help in improving the health of the liver.

You can mix turmeric in the vegetables, curries, gravies you cook, cinnamon in oatmeals & herbal teas and drink licorice teas after taking your meals.
Lemon also forms up a very fine liver tonic. Take one piece of this citrus fruit and squeeze it into lukewarm water and drink it as the first thing in the morning.

The use of parsley and apple juice also helps in this case.
Herbs like garlic, ginger and parsley are excellent for strengthening a weak liver.

Milk thistle (gokharu)

The use of milk thistle helps in curing a bad liver as it acts a tonic for this organ. It is found in various forms like capsules, liquid extracts and tincture. Do take notice of the point that this herb is not recommended for children and pregnant women.

Celandine (swallowwort)

Celandine is a herb which is also known by the name of tetterwort. It is commonly used for treating the problem of a distressed liver condition. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and so this one helps in stimulating a good digestion process.

Besides all these remedies, you should also adopt a healthy lifestyle. Doing a good amount of workout everyday helps in toning and making your liver fit. You should avoid the heavy pegs of alcohol as it slows down the metabolic rate of this organ. And last but not the least, drink lots of water as it is the best energy booster and liver cleanser.

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