Home Remedies for Eye Infection

Eye infections are caused Girl wipes her infected eyes with a soft clothvia virus, bacteria or other microorganisms in your eye. Conjunctivitis or pink eye is the most common form of eye infection. Eye infections are highly contagious, easily transmitted from person to person.

You can suffer from eye infection due to many factors including viral attacks, bacterial infection, allergy and foreign particles which are also the causes of eye infection.

The most common eye infection symptom you can come across is red and tearful eyes. This may be accompanied by itching and swelling depending on the type of infection you suffer from.

Beneficial Home Remedies for Eye Infection

Natural eye infection treatments are very effective in treating a range of eye ailments effectively, safely and without side effects.
  • Mix rose water and lime juice in equal parts, store in a glass bottle. Instill two drops in both the eyes.
  • For pink eye infection take warm eye compresses of rose or lavender oil. This will reduce the pink eye pain and irritation.
  • Applying one drop of eyebright herb in the morning is very beneficial. This a very effective natural remedy for eye infection.
  • The jasmine flower can be used in treating an eye infection naturally. Add seven jasmine flower petals to a jar of distilled water and leave overnight. Pour the liquid into your eyes until they get soaked. Repeat thrice a day.
  • To four grams of alum add fifty milliliter rose water. Two to three drops of this mixture in each eye before bedtime relieves eyestrain and redness of the eyes. This is an effective home remedy for eye infection.
  • Boil acacia leaves in a small bowl containing water for five minutes. Use the liquid for warm compresses on the eyelids that should last for at least five to six minutes. This is an effective remedy for a range of eye infections.
  • You can also fill one cup with water and boil it with half teaspoon of fennel seeds for ten minutes. Rinse in a cloth and store the resulting liquid in a glass bottle. Apply two drops to each eye twice a day. This is among effective home remedies for eye infection.

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