Natural Home Remedies for Hay Fever

Hay fever is termed as Allergy to dust or pollen grains may cause continuous sneezing allergic rhinitis. When you have allergy to pollen or dust it can cause irritation in your nose and eyes. Hay fever is seasonal in nature but affects mostly in.

  • Watery or itchy eyes, runny nose, sneeze and cough are among some of the symptoms of hay fever.
  • Grass weed, tree weed and ragweed are some of the causes of hay fever as they release pollens which cause this condition.
  • Here are simple remedies that you can follow to achieve substantial relief. Mix carrot and spinach juice (equal parts) and consume to effectively treat hay fever naturally.
  • Sugar, flour and salt present in dairy products can aggravate hay fever and are therefore best avoided.
  • Avoid venturing outdoors during early morning and late evening as pollens are present in high concentration during these periods and you face risk of getting hay fever.
  • Ginger is an age old home remedy for hay fever that can prove effective. Prepare and consume tea by adding slices of raw ginger to it. This helps treat the runny nose as well as your cold.
  • Abstain and stay away from alcohol or smoking as these can exacerbate symptoms.
  • Make fresh limewater in early morning everyday and consume on an empty stomach. This will aid in boosting your immune system and is among natural hay fever remedies.
  • Include food which is rich in protein content as it helps strengthen your immune system. Also include vitamin C rich foods to increase body stamina to defend against allergens.
  • A blocked nose during hay fever can be relieved by inhaling boiled water containing chamomile. It helps open blocked nose and is among effective natural treatment for hay fever.
  • Boil some lemon and grapefruit in water. Once boiled, make into a mash, add some honey and consume this preparation thrice a day. It is among effective home remedies for hay fever.
  • Include fresh vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin B as it can help in treating your hay fever naturally.
  • Prepare peppermint tea and consume twice a day to treat your hay fever and get relief from coughs and sinus problems.
  • If you have cold brought on by hay fever, eating garlic can help as it can help improve your immune system. Avoid this remedy if you have problems of acidity.
  • Whatever the causes of hay fever, these remedies can help you achieve relief from hay fever, are safe, effective, easy to follow and economical.

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