Oily Skin Care Tips

Oily skin is not a disease, its just a skin texture that makes you uncomfortable from which you want to get rid of. Due to lack of proper guidance and information available, it has turned into one of the major skin problems resulting into pimples, acne,blackheads and many more.

Causes of An Oily Skin
  • Heredity is quite responsible for an oily skin, but so do hormones. Pregnant women sometimes notice an increase in skin oil with the changes in hormonal activity. So do women going for birth control pills.
  • Stress can also lead in the overdrive of the oil glands.
  • The wrong cosmetics can easily aggravate an otherwise mild case of oily skin.
  • Some of these causes are within your ability to control, but others you'll have to learn to live with.
  • In most of the cases, it can be treated at home. But sometimes, the situation demands more than just a home remedy. You need to call for a doctor if you develop severe acne or notice notice any sudden change in your skin. Otherwise, go for these tips and try them at home.

Only Skin Care

Keep your skin absolutely clean

You might be quite aware of the fact, that oilier the skin, the dirtier it looks and feels. And to get rid of this, keep your skin clean by washing it at least twice a day.

Generally, some doctors recommend you to use detergent type

soaps on your face. As a substitute to it, you can add 1-2 drops of dishwashing detergent to your regular soap.

While some doctors condemn the use of detergent type

soaps as they are too harsh for your oily facial skin. Instead they recommend glycerin soaps to be used to clean your face twice a day.

If using a detergent soap irritates your facial skin then try the glycerin soap, easily available over the counter.

Give Aloe-vera a try

This wonder plant of the household is the best at absorbing skin oils. Slice open a leaf and smear the gel on your face 3 times a day. Let it dry. Or you can also keep a small amount of gel in the refrigerator during the summers for a refreshing face-lift.

Wipe with Astringents

Wipe the oily spots on your face by rubbing alcohol or a combination of alcohol and acetone that helps degrease your oily skin. Many drugstores even sell premoistened, individually wrapped alcohol wipes that are really portable, you can carry them in your purse for quick touch-ups all day long.

Carry Tissue papers with you

Paper facial tissues are the best substitute of astringents as they help soak up excess oils in a pinch. Get those special oil-absorbing tissues from a cosmetic counter that are very in removing excessive oils between cleansings.

Rinse your face with cold water 

Simply splashing your face with cold water and blotting it dry a couple of times a day is equivalent to applying chemicals to your skin. These cold water rinses remove excessive oils from your face.

Make your own scrub

Make a paste of a small amount of ground almonds with honey and apply as a facial scrub for removing oils and dead skin cells. Now gently massage this paste on your face with a hot washcloth. Finally, rinse with cold water.

Another scrub from oatmeal mixed with aloe vera can prove to be very beneficial for you. Rub gently on your skin and leave on for 15 minutes, Then rinse thoroughly. And if suffering from acne on your face, then you should probably skip the scrub, as it can aggravate your already-irritated skin.

Apply Masques on your oily face

Masques prove to be very beneficial in reducing the oiliness. Either Clay masques or you can mix Fuller's Earth (easily available) with a little water and make a paste. Apply this paste to the face and leave on for about 20 minutes and then rinse off.

Go for water-based cosmetics only

Try to make your skin breathe by living without make-up, especially foundation. Using make-up or foundation that are oil-based blocks the pores of your skin thereby resulting in blemishes. And if necessary, then use water-based cosmetics only, especially spot concealers rather than coating your entire face. In general, prefer stick with powder or gel blushers, and avoid cream foundations as much as possible.

Tie up your hair properly 

Keep your hair away from your face as oily hair accompanies an oily skin.

Do not touch your face 

Avoid touching your face throughout the day as your hands deliver excessive oils and dirt.

Choose a powder for you

For that extra shine-free protection, use simple products for your face such as Johnson's Baby Powder. This makes a superb face powder when fluffed lightly over your makeup.

Splash on the hot suds 

Hot water is a great solvent. So, warm water should be used to wash an oily face and that with plenty of soap. Hot water plus soap dissolves skin oil better than cold water and soap.

For more help, learn natural home remedies for oily skin care that you can find in your very own kitchen!

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