Acrophobia Fear of Heights

Acrophobia is an extreme fear of heights. It is a very common type of phobia that can Acrophobia - Fear of heightscause a great amount of unnecessary distress in the suffering individual.

Some sufferers may experience acrophobia all the time while some exhibit it only in response to a given situation.

Know Causes of Acrophobia

Like other phobias, acrophobia has been traditionally linked to a past traumatic experience associated to heights.

Basically acrophobia has its roots in the natural fear of falling & getting injured or getting killed as a result.

Similar to other phobias, acrophobia stems from the unconscious mind as a protective mechanism. There was likely an event that has a link to heights combined with emotional trauma in the affected individual’s life.

Other possible causes of acrophobia include an improper functioning of the balancing mechanism in the sufferer’s body.

The mind then actively seeks to protect the body from any future trauma and bears extreme fear of such a situation resulting in acrophobia.

Know Your Symptoms of Acrophobia

Acrophobia can be experienced differently by those affected and as such symptoms can vary from one individual to another.

Here are Some Typical Symptoms of Acrophobia

Rapid/ irregular breathing
Shortness of breath
Rapid or irregular heartbeat
Increased sweating
Feeling of dread
Acrophobia can disturb one’s ability to function normally in everyday life and prove to be counter-productive.

Treatments of Acrophobia

Acrophobia can be effectively treated in cases where it is a learned response to a situation. There are a range of good treatments of acrophobia available including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and medicines.

CBT focuses on encouraging the person to respond to and change the thoughts & attitudes that result in fearful feelings.

Stress relief and relaxation techniques are often used in combination with other therapeutic methods and approaches used to cure fear of heights.

Medications such as anti-anxiety and anti-depressive drugs are used sometimes to lessen the symptoms of acrophobia.

Although medications do not completely solve the problem, they help reduce anxiety so as to make the person more easily manage and deal with their problem.

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