Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)

The name Ardha Chandrasana came from two Sanskrit words Ardha and Chandra, where “Ardha” means half while “Chandra” stands for shining or moon. Moon is considered to be most significant asset and important emblematic in yoga. It is said that moon and sun are the two polar sources of energy for human body. Here we showcase some steps for how to do Ardha Chandrasana and unproblematic scheme for obtaining Ardha Chandrasana benefits. This asana enhances circulatory and skeletal problems, reduces risk of central obesity and advances bowel movement.

Ardha Chandrasana Benefits in reducing anxiety and mental stress

Following are the steps for how to do Ardha Chandrasana with correct manner and approach to gain its definite benefits.

Step 1

First of all stand in normal Tadasana or Mountain Pose with both feet touch with each other.

Step 2

Now keep both hands together closer to the chest with palms slightly pressed towards each other same as one standing in Anjali Mudra.

Step 3

Now inhale and rise arms straightly upward with palms slightly pressed towards each other.

Step 4

Now steadily arch the body on either left or right hand-side by placing arms together lined with neck and head as much as possible and retain this posture by keeping the knees straight.

Step 5

At last exhale steadily and get yourself to initial Tadasana posture.

Step 6

Repeat the same process on other side and avoid bending in front side of the body.

How to do Ardha Chandrasana

Time Duration for Ardha Chandrasana

It is recommended that one should practice asana for 2-3 times but don’t try overdo it.

Advantages of Ardha Chandrasana

1)   Ardha Chandrasana benefits to trim down abdomen, hips, buttocks and waistline.

2)   It enhances circulatory and skeletal problems.

3)   Half Moon Pose also reduces risk of central obesity by improving digestion and reducing gastro intestinal disturbances.

4)   It advances bowel movement.

5)   It helps to open up the shoulder joints.

6)   In advance it also decreases physical and physiological stress level.

Precautions of Ardha Chandrasana

1)   This asana can’t be practiced by the people who are suffering from diarrhea, insomnia, blood pressure, and back or shoulder pain.

2)   Half Moon Pose cannot be practiced by the person who is suffering from headaches & migraine problems.

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