Cherry Nutrition Facts

Cherry is a small, fleshy fruit. It may be sweet cherry or a sour cherry, but it can beCherry Nutrition Facts involves Iron, Calcium, Sodium and other minerals differentiated only by its color. If the color of the cherry is dark red it means it is full-fledge grown & if the color is light it means it is still growing.

Cherries are usually grown in breezy surroundings and particularly in northern states. Majority of the world’s supply come from Washington, Oregon and Idaho where they are grown in plentiful quantity.

The cultivated forms of cherries are wild cherries and sour cherry, which are mainly used for cooking purposes. It has very short growing season and can grow in temperate latitudes.

Here is a list of Cherry Nutrition Facts (155 g)

Calories – 78g.
Total Fat – 0.47g.
Cholesterol – 0mg.
Sodium – 4.65mg.
Potassium – 268.15mg.
Total Carbohydrate – 18.88g.
Dietary Fiber – 2.48g.
Sugar – 13.16g.
Calcium – 24.8mg.
Iron – 0.5mg.
These elements found in cherry increases its cherry nutritional benefits to a great extent.

Cherries can be eaten in three different ways – canned, dried or as cherry juice. It also includes Bing (sweet) cherries which are very famous all around the globe, when it is fully matured its skin is almost black, but sometimes looks like a dark purple in color.

Apart from the delicious taste of the fruit, there are many facts related to cherries health benefit, which includes:

High content of antioxidants which fight against diseases.
It contains beta carotene which increases the amount of nutrition in the body.
Helps to ease the pain of arthritis and gout.
Reduces the effects of diabetes and cancer.
As health benefit of cherry it contains anthocyanins, which decreases the effect of auto-immune disease.
Sour cherry holds good amount of nutrition that slows down the darkening of the skin.
Sour cherry juice holds the highest amount of antioxidants among all fruits and vegetables.
It kills cancer cells and stops their replication.
It clears stoppage found in the route of digestive system.
It contains high fiber which stop the onset of rectal and colon cancer.
To give relief at the time of constipation.
Helps to retain water in body and improve water balance.
The digestive, cardio vascular and immune system stand to gain from cherry nutritional benefits.
Cherry Nutrition Facts also include Vitamins such as

Vitamin A – 1988.65 IU.
Vitamin C – 15.5mg.
Cherry fruit are full of magnesium and potassium fiber and folate, which reduce inflammation and results in avoidance of heart disease as a part of cherries health benefit.

Cherry Fruit Extract Benefits

Anti-inflammatory properties – due to Anthocyanins present in cherries.
Pain relief – alleviate pain following strenuous exercising regime.
Antioxidants benefits – It contains seventeen different antioxidants.
A person affected by gout and arthritis, should not take more than thousand mg twice a day of its extracts.

Rainier cherries are the sweetest and the most expensive types of cherries among all. They have yellow color, and are usually eaten in raw form rather than baked or processed.

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