Home Remedies for Body Odor

Body odor, medically termed as Use a natural home remedies to combat body odor bromhidrosis is the bad, dislike able smell that emanates from a person’s body. When your body perspires, sweat disperses on the surface of your skin.

The bacteria present on the skin surface react with the sweat and this is the main among unpleasant, foul smelling body odor causes.

Compared to other parts of the body, body odor flow from armpits and genitals is the strongest, and therefore these parts smell more.

Body odor can cause annoyance to those nearby, and lead to social embarrassment. Body odor natural treatments, remedies along with a natural diet for body odor can help you freshen up and remove bad odors from your body.

Natural Home Remedies for Body Odor

Make use of these easy to follow, simple, effective, safe and economical home remedies and natural treatments to get rid of annoying body odor.

Before you bathe, mix some white vinegar to water in a small cup. Rinse your armpits with the vinegar. This is an effective remedy to relieve symptoms of body odor.
Get rid of armpit odor with body odor home remedies using apple cider vinegar. Use vinegar mixed in a cup of water to gently rinse your armpits, best done while bathing.
Use baking soda as a simple body odor home remedy. Apply baking soda powder under the armpits and feet to effectively reduce foul smelling body odor.
Include simple foods, fresh fruits and vegetables in a balanced way to your diet for body odor. Also, avoid junk foods and deep fried, oily or spicy foods.
A good option is to apply refreshing baby powder under the armpits, especially during summers, when increased body odor can annoy others.
In hot summer seasons, when your body sweats more than normal, shower three times daily to remove body odor.
Add seven drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of water and apply this solution to your armpits. This reduces body odor.
Another among effective home remedies for body odor is bathing by adding some drops of pure rose water in the bathtub. This instills freshness and serves as an excellent deodorant.
It is important to note that besides these useful remedial measures, body cleanliness plays an important role in removing body odor.

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