Natural Remedy for Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers are painful sores that develop inside your mouth, usually on the inside of Applying ice or peppermint oil on ulcers is Natural Remedy for Mouth Ulcerslips or inside of cheeks and gum.

Little boils appear in the inner portion of mouth that is white or yellow in color.

The inner lining of the mouth is very sensitive so ulcers can cause nerves to get exposed and the pain can be quite extreme.

During this phase, it becomes difficult to eat or drink water because the nerves get exposed.

Sensation of constant burning is felt inside the mouth. Although mouth ulcers are not infectious but can cause problems if left untreated.

Let’s Check Your Mouth Ulcers Symptom

You may feel ill and a little feverish. The lymph nodes around your jaw may enlarge and get more painful. Mouth ulcers symptom also includes problems while talking and eating spicy foods.

Mouth ulcers are generally yellow or gray in color and about three centimeters in size. Other signs and symptoms of mouth ulcers include soreness and swelling around the ulcer.

You will also feel pain while brushing your teeth and can cause difficulties in chewing.

Here are Some Common Causes of Mouth Ulcers
  • Constipation is one of the root causes of mouth ulcers. Heavy metals and toxicity of drugs also results in mouth ulcers. The other factors may include a deficiency of B complex.
  • Primary causes of mouth ulcers are viral infections, lack of proper rest, minor injuries, stress and too much of acidic or spicy food in diet.
  • Other additional causes include hormonal changes in women, medications and lack of vitamins like folic acid or iron.
Here is Your Natural Remedy for Mouth Ulcers

Given below remedies are very useful for mouth ulcers treatments. Each remedy possesses their own specialty to treat victims of mouth ulcers.

Using these remedies for mouth ulcers cure can be very effective as it produces quick relief.


Crush the leaves of the Indian plum (Jambu). Add the paste in water and gargle aplenty. It provides instant relief and is a very successful herbal remedy for mouth ulcers.


Mix a ripened banana in curds prepared from cow’s milk. Eat it as a desert. It brings stable solution to your mouth ulcers problem.

Peppermint Oil

Apply peppermint oil on your ulcers. It provides you relief from irritation and pain.


Apply paste of honey and one tablespoon root bark of Indian gooseberry on the affected area of your mouth. This is considered to be a very effective herbal remedy for mouth ulcers.


Eating lots of raw onion in your salad can be very helpful. Onions contains lots of sulfur which makes easy treatment for mouth ulcers.

Coconut milk

Gargle with coconut milk four or five times a day. A few spoons of honey can also be added to coconut milk for better results.  It is a very well known natural remedy for mouth ulcers.


Drinking one or two glasses of orange juice is very useful. It helps to remove vitamin C deficiency. It gives you very quick results.
Also, mixing small amount of sodium bicarbonate with water and using this solution as mouth rinse can be very effective in curing your mouth ulcers.

Natural remedies have become very popular. Using these methods give great results. These remedies have no side effects and can be consumed by every individual as they are very economical.

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