Amla Benefit

Amla is also known as amalaki in Sanskrit language. Also known as Indian gooseberry in Regular intake of Amla Juice provides stronger digestive & immune systemthe western world, the pulp of this fruit is a very rich source of vitamin C.

Amla berry (sour in taste) has strong anti oxidant properties that fight free radicals that are held responsible for cell degeneration and ageing.

This berry has very low sugar content and is high in fiber content. Additionally, amla uses greatly aids in food absorption by ingesting iron and other minerals contained in food into your body.

One amla benefit is that it helps your body to digest foods properly and assimilate minerals from the food into your body.

It is also a known fact that regular amla or amla juice intake gives you a healthier stronger digestive system and also improves your immune system.

Amla powder is light brown in color with a strong smell. Intake of amla powder after a healthy workout helps boost protein metabolism in your body. A good metabolism rate makes your body burn fat effectively and keep your body toned up.

Moreover, amla juice is good for strengthening your liver and keep you body free of toxins. This leads to purification of your blood and keep your blood clean.

In addition, use of amla for hair in the form of amla oil is also beneficial. It does this by nourishing your hair roots and keeping them strong and healthy. This also prevents your hair from graying or thinning out.

For this reason amla oil and shampoos are very much in demand and widely used for their effective and beneficial results.

Amla oil is also beneficial in massaging the scalp as using amla for hair promotes healthy hair and has a cooling affect on your body as well.

Other amla benefit includes improvement in cholesterol level, strengthening of lungs and a strong vision.

A gentle laxative, amla juice is also used to cure constipation. It is also useful in giving strength to your central nervous system.

Amla Benefit

Amla is also known as Emblica officinalis is an important and popular herb used worldwide for its curative properties.

Amla properties sustain even when it is subjected to heat or dried. This is why amla powder is used to treat ailments and to gain strength. Amla can also be taken in liquid form as a juice which is as effective.

Here is a List of Amla Benefit:

  • Improves eyesight
  • Protects against infections and diseases
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps increasing red blood cells
  • Beneficial for teeth
  • Clears bad breath
  • Keeps skin healthy
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Thickens hair and keeps them healthy
  • Makes bones strong
  • Alleviates sinus problems
  • Maintains normal blood pressure
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Stimulates and improves memory
Moreover, amla has multiple medicinal properties that help you in attaining a healthy body and keeping you fit. It is very cheap and easily available as amla powder or amla juice.

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