Androphobia – Fear of Men

Androphobia is a mental condition characterized by an abnormal fear of men. Though Androphobia Causes Symptoms such as rapid pulse, anxiety and tremblingcommonly found to affect women, this condition can also occur in men.

People suffering from this phobia are wary of facing men and can take extremes measures to avoid being in vicinity of men.

This condition can negatively impact many aspects of one’s life. It can involve decrease in performance at work place, limited opportunities and strained relationships.

Know Androphobia Causes

Experts believe many people with androphobia have the fear as a result of a past traumatic event, often during childhood. It can be a negative experience where the affected has been personally involved or it can be a learned fear.

The person may see someone from his family or friends fearing men and may take it as his own fear and develop the problem.

Often, this phobia results from multiple events, over a length of time. A female may have observed someone experience physical assault or abuse, and inherit the fear as her own.

Androphobia causes a severe negative impact on an individual’s life, affecting the person’s personal or professional relationships.

Identify Androphobia Symptoms

Symptoms can get triggered or result from a number of stimuli. Though a direct, face to face exposure with the object of fear usually is enough to trigger the phobia, even thinking about men, in some cases, can cause intense fear.

A number of symptoms can point towards the presence of this condition. These can vary with the intensity of fear one may have.

Some of the androphobia symptoms

Shortness of breath
Rapid pulse
Dry mouth
An individual with this phobia is most expected to be overwhelmed with fear when in presence of men, and there seems to be no way of escaping the situation easily.

Androphobia Treatment

Treatment, though lengthy, is available. It depends on the severity of the fear and the type of trauma responsible for causing the condition.

The type of androphobia treatment and the method utilized can greatly impact the outcome. Treatment options can involve professional psychiatrist. In some cases, medication is prescribed as part of the treatment.

Getting aware about the phobia can play an important role in managing and overcoming the fear. One should note that a specific treatment option may prove effective in some cases and not in others.

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