Benefits of Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica)

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) also known as Jal Brahmi & Indian Pennywort, is a creeper Gotu Kola Benefits include its use as a Brain Tonicplant with green leaves that are fan shaped.

It is also called as brahmi booti in Hindi, manimuni in Assamese, saraswathi in Telugu, ondelaga in Kannada, ekpanni in Konkani & kudakan or kudangal in Malayalam.

Along with other tropical countries, this rejuvenating herbal plant grows abundantly throughout India. It grows freely in south India where it is known as Mandukaparni.

It is a well known herb used to aid mental intelligence, enhance memory and to soothe nerves of your brain. Because of these health benefitting properties it is also used as a nervine tonic.

Triterpene, a component in Gotu Kola, is also believed to strengthen blood vessels & assist in production of essential neurotransmitters (chemical messengers of your brain).

As with any herb, an over dose can make you suffer from Gotu Kola side effects such as experiencing high blood sugar levels.

Know Gotu Kola Benefits

Beneficial components in Gotu kola render a soothing & calming effect on your brain, making it useful in treating condition of insomnia. It is also used for improving brain function as well as the functioning of the central nervous system.

Here are some of the Gotu Kola benefits:

Triterpene, found in Gotu Kola, is thought to enhance production of collagen (fibrous protein) which occurs in bones, connective tissues & cartilage.

Components in Gotu kola are believed to act as effective blood acid neutralizers and help relieve fever symptoms.

Orally, Gotu kola is used to treat conditions of muscle pain and stiff joints. Moreover, it is also said to aid & strengthen the circulatory & vascular system.
Gotu Kola benefits include its wide use in hair care products such as hair shampoos & conditioners in combination with different naturally beneficial ingredients.

Traditionally, it has been in use by herbalists since ancient times as a tonic to boost the functioning of kidney & liver.

Because of its cholesterol lowering properties, it can be used as a health benefitting component in oral slimming formulations.
Studies support its traditional benefits in treating infectious skin diseases, boils, psoriasis & eczema.

Gotu Kola, used as a diluted solution can be effectively used in eye washes for conditions such as conjunctivitis.
Gotu Kola side effects include an increase in blood sugar & a rise in cholesterol levels.

Use this information to clear your doubts about what is Gotu Kola & reap its health benefits.

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