Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)


n Sanskrit language “Go” stands for “Cow” while “Mukha” means “Face” that is why Gomukhasana is also renowned as Cow Face Pose. In this asana parted thighs resembles cow’s lips while hands placed up & down look like cow’s ears. Hence for this reason this asana is named as Gomukhasana. Here we showcase some Gomukhasana steps for how to do Gomukhasana in a very organized manner to gain useful Gomukhasana benefits. Cow Face Pose helps to alleviate respiratory problems, increase blood flow in torso, cures arthritis and piles and relieves various digestive problems.

Gomukhasana Benefits in removing unwanted fat from thighs & hips

Following are the approved steps for practicing Gomukhasana step by step for achieving its favorable benefits.

Gomukhasana Steps

Step 1

First of all sit in crossed leg posture such that right leg is place over left one.

Step 2

Now spread legs further apart as long as one feels comfort and ease but avoid bending at knees.

Step 3

Bend left knee and put bottom of left foot against inner left thigh and then bring left heel as nearer as possible to the perineum by keeping left knee on the ground.

Step 4

Now grab the right foot by using left hand to keep the right foot heel against the front left-portion of left buttock such that right knee is exactly placed over left knee.

Step 5

Now inhale gradually and raise the right hand over the head by bending right hand elbow.

Step 6

Now bring hands behind the back with the help of left hand by interlocking fingers of both hands forming an “S” type lock structure.

Step 7

Retain this posture by holding breathe as long as one feels it comfort and ease.

Step 8

At last exhale gradually and repeat the same procedure by reversing arms and legs position.

Time duration for Gomukhasana

It is suggested that one should retain this posture without breathing for minimum 30-60 seconds as long as one feels it comfort and ease but don’t try to overdo it.

Advantages of Gomukhasana

  • Gomukhasana benefits to stretch and toughen ankles, thighs, hips, shoulders, armpits, triceps and chest.
  • It increases the flexibility of arms and shoulder muscles.
  • It tones up your back.
  • Gomukhasana steps are much helpful for curing arthritis and dry piles.
  • It is very beneficial for respiratory system and improves breathing problems.
  • It reduces the happening of cramps and sprains.
  • It increases blood flow in torso.
  • Gomukhasana benefits to remove unwanted fat from thighs and hips area.
Precautions of Gomukhasana
  • While practicing Cow Face Pose, one should be clear that whichever leg is on top the same side arm must be placed lower.
  • Patients suffering from neck and shoulder problems should not practice this asana.
  • People suffering from frozen shoulder ailment avoid practicing Gomukhasana steps.
  • Heart and high blood pressure patients who cannot hold breathe for long time then they should avoid this asana.

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