Health Benefit of Ginger

Ginger is also known as zingiber officinale is used as herbal medicine since ancient times. Ginger Health Benefit include elimination of Cold & Flu, Allergies & HeartburnIt is known as adrak in India. Ginger is an underground stem of the ginger plant.

It is a popular culinary spice and ginger medicinal use includes aiding in digestion and treating stomach upsets and nausea.

Ginger root has active components in the form of volatile oils (terpenes and oleoresin) and phenol compounds.

Potential ginger side effect is less pronounced when taken raw rather than as a supplement. Stop drinking ginger tea for a week prior to surgery as it is anti clotting.

Refer to your doctor if you decide to take zingiber officinale (ginger) as a supplement as it can harm you if you are pregnant, or if you are on medications for diabetes, heart problems or other diseases.

Let’s Take a Look at Ginger Health Benefit

The volatile oils contained in zingiber officinale plant roots called ginger have properties that are antiseptic. This powerful herb also promotes circulation and gives relief from constipation.

Here is a List of Effective Ginger Health Benefit:

Treats Cancer

Studies have revealed that ginger extract powder when applied, destroys cancer cells in the ovaries and slows down the growth of cancerous cells in the colon.

Morning Sickness

Research has shown that ginger tea is very effective in treating morning sickness without inducing unwanted side effects such as drowsiness or dry mouth that accompany other prescription medicines.

Inflammation and Pain

Ginger contains agents that act as powerful natural pain killers and also help reduce pain and inflammation significantly.

Heartburn Relief

Ginger tea is a long known to be effective in relieving heartburn as it stimulates the secretion of mucus.

Cold & Flu

Ginger contains antiviral and antitoxic properties and is used in treatment of common cold and flu.


Ginger contains antihistamines and is very effective when used t treat allergies.


Special enzymes in ginger tea speed protein breakup in your foods and make digestion easy.


Due to agents contained in ginger that promote mucus secretion, ulcer development is inhibited in the lining of your stomach.

Ginger Tea Benefits for You

Ginger tea has qualities that can refresh you and keep you alert. It has a soothing flavor that can induce calmness and is a great mouth freshener.

Here are some great ginger tea benefits to boost your health:

Ginger Tea

Relieves nausea
Reduces inflammation
Limits flatulence
Controls chronic pain
Decreases motion sickness
Minimizes dizziness
Combats infections such as common cold
Helps digestion
Fights nausea
Eases muscle aches
Increases perspiration
These are some of the ginger health benefit that helps you keep healthy in a simple and effective way.

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