Health Benefits of Alsi (Flax Seed)

Alsi also known as flax seed or linseed is a bit bigger than the sesame seed and possesses Flax Seed Benefits health in numerous waysa smooth & shiny hard shell.

With an earthy flavor, on chewing they feel a bit nutty. It has a high content of alpha linolenic acid.

Flax seed oil is a viable source & a good option for those looking for vegetarian source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Although possessing numerous health benefits, an out of proportion intake can result in flax seed side effects.

Get Flax Seed Health Benefits

Health benefits of flaxseed include a healthy digestion. The seeds contain good amounts of dietary fiber & thus become a natural laxative.

Get various flax seed benefits by including it in your diet as they contain multiple nutrient components.

The seeds also contain Omega-3 fatty acid which is beneficial for those with hypertension as it helps in regulating blood pressure & reducing inflammation.
High in nutrients, benefits of flaxseed oil include reduction in cholesterol levels as it contains magnesium & manganese.
Flax seeds contain high levels of lignan (anti-oxidative agent) that help defend against prostate & breast cancer.
The various flax seed benefits also include its role in bringing about a decrease in insulin resistance. This helps regulate blood sugar & play a role in preventing diabetes.
Studies reveal flax seed to be beneficial for women as it can help & improve the chances of women to conceive (have a baby).
Prevention of plaque formation inside your arteries is also among flax seed health benefits.
Very low in carbohydrates, flax seed is an ideal choice for those wanting to limit starch & sugar intake.
One ounce of flaxseed (grounded) daily can help in regulating estrogen levels for post-menopausal women.
Bringing about a natural improvement in your body’s response to stress is among important benefits of flaxseed oil. The oil also acts as a natural joint lubricant.
It facilitates improved hair, skin & nail health as it contains good proportions of natural fat & proteins. Moreover, flax seed is also known to improve memory & cognition.
Nonetheless, if taken out of quantity, you may suffer from flax seed side effects. Commonly from diarrhea or increased stomach gas to name a few.

Hopefully, the information provided about flax seed will help in satisfying your query related to what is alsi

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