Health Benefits of Burdock


Used for treating many ailments, burdock has been traditionally used as a medicine since Burdock Oil is used as scalp remedyancient times. Burdock root is used as a vegetable in many parts of Asia.

Burdock is useful for a wide range of disease treatments such as common cold, inflammation, sore throat, constipation, measles & stomach ulcers. It is also used as a scalp remedy & retains health of your hair.

The roots, seeds & leaves of this medicinal herb are all useful parts used for human disease treatment. The burdock seed has long been known to have antibiotic properties.

Get Health Benefits of Burdock

Burdock is available as dried or fresh roots, essential oil, capsules & ointment.  It can also be used to prepare tea for treating skin disorders such as acne & psoriasis.

The herb is also known to be an effective antifungal and thus used for treating ringworm when consumed as burdock tea preparation.
Burdock root contain phytochemicals which help treat bacterial & fungal infections & promote wound healing.
The burdock herb is also known for its blood purifying actions. Burdock oil is used as diaphoretic, helping your body to sweat in a healthy way and rid your body of toxins.
Burdock tea helps promotes healthy flow & release of bile juices. This helps cleanse your liver & to assist in digestion. Burdock root can possibly prevent liver damage.
Moreover, the leaves are also used by natives to treat burns and manage pain. Burdock oil is widely used and beneficial for health of your hair & scalp.
Burdock is recognized as a strong diuretic and is useful for people with a condition of decreased urine output.
A hair & scalp remedy, massage with burdock oil to boost (scalp) circulation as well as promote healthy hair growth.
Burdock uses include leaves of the herb that can be eaten raw as salad. Burdock extract or leaves can also be used in dishes to avail of its iron, calcium & potassium content.
Benefits of burdock include its use in fighting hypoglycemia. It contains good proportion of an agent that promotes insulin production found in the human body.
This information about what is burdock herb can benefit your health in many ways. Nonetheless, you should consult with an herbalist to get its full benefits & avoid burdock side effects.

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