Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconut milk (not to be mistaken for coconut water, which is a clear liquid) is the white Coconut Milk Benefits include Low Calories in Coconut Milkmilky liquid acquired after extraction from the hard coconut flesh. It is generally used in food recipes including curry, dessert & sauce.

Fresh milk extract from coconut has many medicinal properties and is said to help build your body’s immune system and also fortify its defense mechanism.

Take a look at Coconut Milk Nutrition Facts

You will be surprised to know the abundance of coconut milk nutrition that is evident from the nutritional values stated below.

The minimal calories in coconut milk combined with its nutritional values have made it a favorite among dieticians.

Nutrition for 100 grams fresh coconut milk:

Proteins – 2.3 g
Calories – 230
Fat – 23.8 g
Sugar – 3.35 g
Carbohydrates – 5.5 g
Dietary fiber – 2.3 g
Vitamin C – 2.8 mg
Vitamin E – 0.15 mg
Vitamin B1 – 0.026 mg
Iron – 1.64 mg
Magnesium – 37 mg
Folate – 16 mcg
Sodium – 15 mg
Selenium – 6.2 mcg
Calcium – 16 mg
Potassium – 260 mg
Phosphorus – 100 mg
Besides these coconut milk nutrition facts, the health benefits from coconut milk substitute are also very similar and can be consumed for promoting overall health.

Get Coconut Milk Health Benefits

People with glucose intolerance may suffer from manganese deficiency. Coconut milk benefits such sufferers as it is rich in manganese content.
Benefits of coconut milk include its vitamin C content. It is a mineral of importance for healthy functioning of bodily functions. Copper & vitamin C combine to maintain elasticity & flexibility of your blood vessels & skin.
Coconut milk benefits include its rich phosphorus content. Phosphorus aids in strengthening your bones. Though not rich in calcium, coconut milk is a good source of phosphorus.
Coconut milk can fill the gap of iron deficiency present in your body and help you to remain anemia free. A cup of coconut milk meets your body’s daily iron requirement.
The low amount of calories in coconut milk is good news for dieting people on a weight reduction program. Coconut milk makes you feel full very quickly because of high concentrations of dietary fiber.
Substitute for coconut milk can be made by mixing one table spoon of coconut extract to one cup of whole milk.
Canned coconut cream is a good coconut milk substitute with many of the same benefits and is readily available in most grocery stores.
Using this information you can satisfy your queries about what is coconut milk and its benefits.

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