Home Remedies for Baldness

A partial or complete Man thinks over his ongoing hair loss problems loss of hair on your scalp (top of the head) is known as baldness. It is also termed as male pattern baldness. Baldness that occurs naturally is often permanent and does not respond to baldness remedy.

You lose a lot of hair from your head daily and this is part of your body’s natural process. Exerting too much pressure on the hair to attain a hairstyle frequently can lead to hair loss to degree where the scalp starts displaying symptoms of baldness.

Strong medications such as those used in chemotherapy treatments which render side effects can also cause baldness in both men and women.

Watching out for early signs can help you take timely measures to fight baldness by managing hair loss using effective baldness natural treatments.

Natural Home Remedies for Baldness

Baldness can be caused due to many factors that can include age, heredity, hormones, diet, disease or medication.

Boil pieces of Indian gooseberry in coconut oil and apply this hair tonic twice a day. This is among effective natural treatments for baldness.
Mix lime juice with equal quantity of fresh Indian gooseberry juice. Apply this mixture as a shampoo to your hair. It stimulates and prevents loss of hair.
Apply coconut oil mixed in lime water on your hair to prevent hair loss. It is a useful natural remedy for baldness.
Extract juice from green coriander leaves and apply on your head as effective baldness natural treatment.
Equal quantities of lime seed and black pepper powder mixed in a bowl of water can be applied to the scalp daily.
Apply paste made from pigeon pea as part of treating baldness and hair loss naturally.
Castor oil can be applied to your hair on a daily basis to prevent hair loss.
Effective home remedy for baldness includes application of milk extracted from coconut over the scalp.
These home remedies for baldness, besides being easily prepared are also economical, safe and render comfort of use to one and all.

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